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If You Want To Predict Your Boyfriend’s Thoughts You Can Turn To Palm Readers Or You Can Get An Expert In Human Behavior To Teach You To Accurately Decode Exactly How Your Date Feels About You. Stop Guessing, Start KNOWING. The Answers & Your Perfect Match Could Be Right In Front Of You.

⎫    Know What He’s Thinking
⎫    Find Out If He’s A Perfect Match
⎫    Gain Dating Confidence
⎫    Stop Wasting Your Time On Losers
⎫    Learn From A Master of Human Behavior

What Would You Pay To KNOW How He Feels About You?

Oh you’d probably pay hundreds of dollars to be able to say for sure that the guy you are dating is the REAL DEAL.  I mean, what would it be worth to you to quiet that urge to go through his phone, his emails, his Facebook account? What would you pay to have confidence that the man sitting across from you is who he says he is?  You don’t have to wonder anymore, the solution is finally here.

What Would You Say If We Told You Could Read Every Man You Meet Like An Open Book?

Have you ever been on a date & thought “I’d give anything to know what this guy’s thinking?  Is he interested in me?  Am I just a rebound?  Am I wasting my time?  Is this guy a loser?  Or worse, is he an honest guy?”

Look, this worrying has got to stop! You’ll drive yourself crazy with the constant “what ifs”: Is he seeing other people? Does he really love me? Is he cheating on me? What is he thinking right now?

With this exclusive system you can end that vicious cycle and find out once and for all what he’s thinking. From the first moment you lay eyes on him you’ll know exactly what he thinks of you. During the first date you’ll be sure whether the signals are there to make a love connection. When you’ve been together awhile and you’re waiting for him to pop the question you’ll know if he has the guts to pop the question.

Can you imagine that power? Don’t you want to be able to save yourself the trouble of worrying about him constantly? Wouldn’t you want to immediately see through the ridiculous games and other BS men put up as a smokescreen to their feelings?
Okay, so now you’re wondering are we selling some sort of mind-reading machine that allows you to read your date.  Are we selling truth serum or a lie detector?  Not quite.  When we set out to crack the code on men, we got serious.  If we are going to help you in on all of our little secrets, and between you and me, a lot of guys out there don’t want you to know about their secrets or worse, how they are feeling.  We went out and searched for the preeminent expert on human behavior because if you are going to guess what we are thinking, it will save us all a lot of time if you get it right.

Enter Joe Navarro.  Joe spent a quarter century at the FBI interrogating suspected terrorists & spies.  He has mastered the art of non-verbal communication and now he is bringing this expertise to your next date.  He will help you read your date and tell the boys from the men and he will give you the tools to read the warning signs that the guy sitting across from you may not be a keeper.

Getting a former counter-intelligence agent from the FBI to open up his secrets on body language wasn’t easy, but now that he has are you ready to use this information?  We know it sounds crazy to ask if you are ready to give up the pain of not knowing if he’s the one for you, but are you really ready?  We have to ask because what Joe teaches is powerful stuff and it’s not for everyone.

Who should not want to know Joe’s secrets?

It’s not for people who want to stay in fantasyland, thinking that your date is crazy about you when he is looking at his watch.  Are you done second guessing and feeling anxious?  Are you done waiting by the phone for him to call?  Some people would rather continue the cycle of staying in a bad thing or sabotaging a good thing.  Not because we’re crazy, but because it’s scary to know the truth about how someone feels about you, but you know what’s scarier than knowing the truth?  Not knowing it.  You have earned the truth and knowing how to decode your date will set you free and allow you to be who you really are.

Feels almost unfair doesn’t it? Having an edge on the other sex?  Turning the tables with scientific techniques that will keep you in the driver’s seat.  Sure it’s unfair, but so what?  Life is unfair.  It’s time for you to have an edge on the competition in the dating race and it’s time for you to stop worrying and start living.

Through Our Patent-Pending Technology, You’ll Have The Tips To Meet Your Mr. Right On Your Laptop, Desktop or iPod…

We Devised DECODE YOUR DATE with the human heart in mind. the difference between connecting with your soul mate and being destined to a life of heartbreak could be the split second where you missed that one signal. Think about how critical it is to read the moments that could define your destiny.  Priceless information, but nowhere near priceless to obtain.

We created this system with you in mind. Yes, you, unless you’re perfect and you nail every date & are on your way to the alter, which by the way, if you are, why are you reading this?  You are reading this because you are tired of heading down the dating conveyor belt more often than not meeting duds who disappoint.  The Double D’s must be stopped so that you can catch that perfect catch.

So whether you are dating someone you want to be sure about, or whether you are just getting to know someone new, you can now have access to a master interrogator, interviewer, and spy-catcher to create a fool-proof system for knowing what he really thinks & feels.

It’s time for you to finally take control of your dating life.  It’s time to stop anguishing about who he might be calling, or emailing, or Facebooking. It’s time, once and for all, to know, exactly how he feels.

Here’s What You’ll Get with Decode Your Date:

When Joe Navarro was 23 years old he didn’t fight for a spot in the FBI, widely regarded to be the most difficult intelligence service to join, the FBI came to him! After a distinguished career in Spy-Catching he adapted his proven system to the mysteries of relationships. In this easy to use, in depth system, Joe will teach you to understand the language of love and decode symbolic communication.  He will break down the process of attraction, help you define mixed signals and understand what men REALLY want.  With his proven techniques, you will never play the fool again.  Look, we’re all powerless to the whims of love, and we’ve all made big mistakes, but now, through Joe’s powerful system, you don’t have to beat yourself up and lose sleep over what he thinks of you – you’ll know instantly from a look! Remember, Joe spent years breaking foreign intelligence agents, imagine the effect he can have on your date!

It’s time you learned the secrets to tell the MEN from the BOYS ….

Order DECODE YOUR DATE: FOR HER NOW And Bring A Proven Veteran On Human Behavior WITH YOU On Those Important Dates Anywhere and Anytime!

So there it is: the secrets the government uses to decode masterminds can be yours to finally become a mastermind of the heart!

This exclusive system will not only transform the dynamic of the dates you’re going on, it will help you detect if that guy down the block with the Beemer is interested or if the guy across the room in that party is giving you eyes or if he’s just bored: you’ll catch EVERY opportunity to meet that special someone.

It sounds great right? And we know, after 25 years of extensive FBI research, that it WORKS. But is it going to cost you an arm and a leg? We know you’ve been spending money on wasted dates, dating websites, outfits to make you look your best – all in the hopes of meeting Mr. Right.  This type of expert training could cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but for some crazy reason we got former agent Joe Navarro to offer you his excusive training for just $29.95.  You can’t put a price on your happiness and fortunately at this low price, you don’t have to.

So, why wait for your Prince Charming when you can go find him. Download now. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
Non-verbals of Dating - Preparing to be a Better Observer 11:10
Understanding Courtship - Physical Displays and Roles 15:04
The Language of Love - Understanding Symbolic Communication 14:58
Touch - Proximicx, Haptics and Harmony 15:34
The Sexual Brain - Understanding The Limbic System 12:51
Source of Attraction - Non-verbals and Our Sexual Being 16:23
Constructs of Beauty and Attraction - Enhancing Attractiveness 24:40
Boundaries and Maipulation 07:42
Chemical Binding - The Process of Attraction 19:04
The First Date 20:34
Mixed Signals 10:57
Understanding Men - What do Men Want 05:26
Total Time 2:54:23

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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