A Spy Catcher’s Guide to Reading Poker Players to Achieve Optimum Winnings.

Product Image: A Spy Catcher’s Guide to Reading Poker Players to Achieve Optimum Winnings

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Are You Frustrated With The Job Market? Wondering What Your Degree Is Doing For You? Stumped & Agonizing About What Went Wrong In That Last Big Interview? We Hear You! The Truth Is There’s A Big Difference Between The Perfect Job Interview And An Average One. To Master The Secret Language Of Interviews You’ll Need A System For Real Results From THE Expert On Human Behavior. Stop Wondering What They’re Thinking About You, KNOW IT. The Answer Is Right In Front Of You.

  • Master The Art Of The Perfect Job Interview
  • Get The High-Paying Job You Deserve!
  • Stay Comfortably Employed And At The Top Of The Pecking Order By Detecting Subtle Hints At The Workplace
  • NEVER Leave Another Interview Wondering What They Thought Again

What Would You Pay To Make Today Your Last Day Pounding The Pavement Without Any Real Prospects On The Horizon?

Let’s get real.  What would you pay to have a rewarding career that pays you dividends for years to come?  You really can’t put a price on proven results for success in the job market. Your future is just too important. You are too important.  But the problem isn’t you.  The problem is that until now you have had no way of knowing your flopping when you’re flopping.  If you had this classified information when it was happening you could turn your next interview from “next” to “yes!”

I Mean, Really, How Much Longer Are You Going To Spend In A State of Confusion, Regretting The Choices You Made In That Important Interview?

It’s time to stop with the “what ifs” and the “coulda, woulda, shouldas.” If you want PROVEN TECHNIQUES to breeze through the interview process and start moving up the ladder FAST the key is mastering the hidden language of human behavior.  What we have done is just crazy.  I have to be honest.  We saw a need for a true expert to help you nail that next job & we found him, but it wasn’t easy.  We searched everywhere to get past the hacks who say they have the answers, wannabe gurus, life coaches.  There is so much junk out there & there are so many snake oil salesmen.  We cut through the crap to find a covert op out there who really knows what your body & everyone else’s body is saying when you are in the room. 

This man’s dossier will blow you away.  It blew us away.  When Joe Navarro was just 23 years old he didn’t fight to get a spot in the FBI like most, the FBI came to him! After 25 years helping to catch the most dangerous criminal masterminds in the world he’s bringing the exacting science of body language to you.  GET YOUR DREAM JOB is about fully understanding the dynamics of the perfect interview! If you’re sick of waiting by the phone and feeling disempowered by the unruly job market it’s time to get control of your fate once and for all. Let a counter-intelligence agent to help you read the person across from you who may hold the keys to your future.  Better yet, let former agent Joe Navarro help you take the keys back to your future.

Through Our Patent-Pending Technology, You’re One Click Away From Having The System You Need For The REAL EDGE On The Job Competition On Your Laptop, Desktop or iPod…

When we designed GET YOUR DREAM JOB we focused on getting real results. We figure that if you’ve been out there day after day spinning your wheels with unsuccessful interviews you’re gonna want a skill set that is proven for instant success & that no-one else has!

We figured that you’ve been cheated enough by a deck stacked against you in this heavily impacted job market that we better get a legend in the fine art of reading people to help you. If there was ever a person who could devise a system for beating the unforgiving world of job interviews it's Joe Navarro. We thought that if ABC News, Psychology Today and the Washington Post trusted his insight on behavior – you could too.  We thought that if the FBI trusted this man’s expertise for 25 years, you could too.

It sounds too good to be true. I mean, years of extensive (and expensive) FBI training distilled into an easy to understand video system for perfecting your job interviews that actually works? This is what we thought: if it’s good enough for the safety of our nation, it’s good enough to crack the code of the job market. There is nothing else on the market remotely similar to this that gets real results.

So here’s a quick survey for you:

Do You Know How Many Silent Signals You Send In A Job Interview Before You Even Open Up Your Mouth?

Do You Know What It Means When Your Job Is On The Line & Your Interviewer Juts His Jaw Or Bites Her Lip?

Do You Know How To Speed-Read Employers?

Not many people do! You probably have no clue just how important this information is to help you nail that job. But Joe Navarro does! Spy-catcher Joe Navarro has amassed a wealth of knowledge for deciphering human behavior. After 25 years as an FBI agent learning how to press the buttons of criminal masterminds his techniques will work wonders on your potential employers. In this fascinating video series Joe brings years of in-depth scientific research to the interview process.

But we don’t just want you to succeed in the interview, we want you to continue your mastery right into the workplace! Joe taps into his thousands of interrogation hours to teach you how to ease into the varied communication styles of your co-workers to become a hit from day one. By the time Joe’s through with you, you won’t just be pumped to get out and interview again – you’ll start to feel sorry for your competition. This system is so good; you’ll almost feel bad at how unfair your advantage is. Almost.

Leave Anxieties, Worries And Regrets To Someone Else...

Order GET A DREAM JOB BY MASTERING THE ART OF THE INTERVIEW AND WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET BY READING YOUR NEXT BOSS and bring proven methods for cracking the code on foreign agents and your next boss with you everywhere you go.

We are certain Joe’s plan will work for you. But we also know that as a recent graduate or someone returning to the job market you just aren’t that flush with cash. Of course after this program you will be, but we don’t want IOU’s.

When we convinced Joe Navarro to make this information available not just to CEO’s & senior management he quickly realized that just because you do not have a seven-figure pay day that this “classified” content shouldn’t be kept from you.

That’s why we are giving you this unprecedented & totally exclusive course to you for one low price of $39.99.  Is 10 cents a day worth it to you to get your dream job?

We’re giving you 25 years of FBI training uniquely tuned to the frequency of potential employers in 13 video installment because we don’t just want you to succeed, we want you to knock every employment situation out of the park! You’ve been hustling for a job for too long with no results. It’s time for a change.

Stop worrying about your future, download now. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs26


Program Title Duration
Poker: The Limbic Brain 05:50
Poker: The Limbic Brain - part 2 05:49
Poker: Freezing 03:26
Poker: Distancing 03:24
Poker: Decoding 03:26
Poker: Non Verbal Behavior In Context 02:34
Poker: Reactive Behavior 02:50
Poker: Baseline Behavior 02:28
Poker: Pacifying Behavior 07:41
Poker: Intention Cues 04:20
Poker: Engagement Cues 03:37
Poker: Poker Face 03:32
Poker Face - part 2 04:14
Poker: The Tongue Jut 02:19
Poker: Eyes 04:13
Poker: The Closed Mouth Exhale 01:45
Poker: Eye Blocking 01:49
Poker: The Neck 03:13
Poker: The Neck - Women 02:40
Poker: Steepling 02:26
Poker: Thumb Displays 03:08
Poker: High Confidence Tells 02:22
Poker: Low Confidence Tells 03:07
Poker: Furrowed Brow 01:43
Poker: Stress Management 02:51
Poker: Conceal NOT Reveal 04:22
Total Time 1:29:09

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