X2 Scenario Busters; Sales Objection Training.

Product Image: X2 Scenario Busters; Sales Objection Training

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Turn Sales Objections into Sales
  • Spend Less Time to Achieve More Sales Appointments
  • Differentiate Yourself from Your Competitors
  • Sell Higher Up the 'Org Chart' for Increased Closing Ratios

“There are only a Finite number of Scenarios in any selling situation… so if you identify each one of them, train to Powerful communication routines individually and then measure the Result, you are on your way to Excellence.”  


Jeff Hardesty, Developer of the X2 Sales System®, travels the country teaching sales management and sales reps how to set C-level ‘Top-down’ business appointments to a 50% + Conversation-to-Appointment ratio, helping them spend Less time to achieve More sales results.


One of the premier components of the X2 Sales System® is the Scenario Busters. The X2 Scenario Busters deal directly with sales objections that we all hear consistently; either over the telephone or face-to-face when attempting to secure a targeted business appointment and as well as moving through our sales process with a prospect to a legitimate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


Included in your package are (15) X2 Scenario Busters as well as (8) Powerful Routines that when practiced and utilized will allow you to spend Less time to achieve more Measurable sales results.


Each Scenario Buster audio session is a 5-16-minute training module to assist you in communicating effectively in line with the tough sales objections that stop your competitors… in their tracks.


Through Jeff’s X2 Scenario Busters you’ll learn how to ‘Re-open’ your sales prospect’s doors in line with universal sales objections.

What People Are Saying:

"The X2 training literally changed our Culture to the way we Prospect!” Chuck Hegarty :: Vice President of Sales :: ITS Communications :: Grand Rapids , MI .

"“Jeff, thank you for all you've done for us! The reps are still loving it!" " Rachael Spann :: Regional Sales Director :: Cinergy Communications

"The X2 is NOT [traditional] ‘Sales Training.' It is a Common Language for any Business circumstance. It is ‘Life training'." Tod Bocken :: Sales Rep :: TDS Metrocom :: St. Cloud , MN

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs26


Program Title Duration
Scenaro Buster Introduction 02:48
Jeff's Overview 06:14
Bridges of Agreement 09:24
"We Have No Room in the Budget" 08:43
"Corporate Handles That" 14:50
"Send Me Information" 14:32
"We've Had a Bad Experience in the Past" 10:56
"We've Had a Bad Experience in the Past with Your Company" 05:59
"Our Consultant Handles That" 12:48
"We Have Great Rates" 11:44
"I Don't Handle That" (Hand Down) 16:44
"How Do You Get Paid?" 09:48
"We Just Bought" 13:12
"I've Never Heard of You" 07:38
"We're Just a Small Company" 11:08
"We are Happy with the Status Quo" 12:33
"We're under Contract" 11:28
"We Have a Relationship with Our Current Vendor" 11:41
"We're Moving" 12:27
Executive Assistant 12:53
'Pencil In'; Get It Sooner... Rather than Later 09:18
'No Show' on the 1st Appointment 08:46
'Hourly Rate'; Your Best Time Management Training 07:21
'Bump in the Road' Testimonial Letter 11:03
'Pack Your Bags'...But Don't Leave 14:38
Scenario Busters 'Wrap-Up' 02:30
Total Time 4:31:06

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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