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The Free Companion Audio to 'Ignite the Genius Within'

Ignite the Genius Within (Dutton, March, 2009) by Dr. Christine Ranck and Christopher Lee Nutter is a revolutionary audio/visual instrument co-developed by the authors that provides an experience of heightened self awareness never before delivered in a book. The audio portion available here is produced by world renowned performance coach Dr. David Grand. It is adapted from a well-known and highly effective form of trauma therapy called EMDR that helps put you in a waking dream state that, like sleeping dreams do, frees you up to travel through space and time without having to physically move. When the audio portion is used in conjunction with Ignite the Genius Within, the images in the book take on a life of their own, enabling you to take a trip through yourself unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The result of using the one-of-a-kind audio/visual method in Ignite the Genius Within is that you learn how to turn every moment of life into a beautiful work of art.

Available here is a free 10 minute sample.  Once you have listened to this sample, please also consider our five track album available for $3.99 together. Though each individual track has the same over-all “waking dream” effect, each also has its own unique signature experience to it. Since listening to different tracks while looking at the images in Ignite the Genius Within will incite different experiences, having more than one track on hand when using Ignite the Genius Within expands the experience of the book dramatically.


Here’s how to use it: Download the audio, put earphones on, and press ‘play’ with the volume level loud enough for you to recognize distinct sounds, but soft enough so that it comes through mostly as background. The soundtrack will alternate from your left ear to your right ear, putting you in a waking dream state that will help you recognize yourself in the images in Ignite the Genius Within more easily. (And you must use earphones, not speakers, for the sounds to do their job.)



What People Are Saying:

"“There are so many times in my life as an artist when I have no idea what to do next … This book provides so many intriguing ways to move you forward and get you beyond that moment of creative panic.” " Laurie Anderson

"You don't so much read this book as experience it, feel it drawing you in, lifting you up, and shifting you quite concretely into a deeper connection to your personal strength and creativity. Prepare to be surprised by this book's power--and your own!" Sarah Jones, Tony Award winning actress and playwright, Bridge & Tunnel

"“With this revolutionary book, Ranck and Nutter offer up a profound tool for anyone feeling stuck in life or art. It is impossible to open Ignite the Genius Within without experiencing a seismic shift in how you are thinking, feeling, and ultimately, ..." Emma McLaughlin, co-author The Nanny Diaries

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
Oceanic Feelings 10:21
Total Time 10:21
Free download

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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