From Pain to Power.

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Moving out of suffering and into success.

From Pain to Power (an individual chapter from the My Gift, My Life program, also available through iAmplify) speaks to the concept of releasing the capacity to suffer as a result of pain. It isn’t the pain that keeps one from moving forward; rather it is the suffering of the pain that allows for stagnation, un-forgiveness, bitterness, anger, and other negative emotions that create emotional obstacles. This chapter gives insight on how and why it is imperative to turn negative energy into positive through the shift of perspective that empowers the individual to move confidently into self-actualization and achievement.

There is nothing like living the life you know you ARE meant to live from the depths of your soul. Wisdom affords us the opportunity to LIVE LIFE from the INSIDE OUT. With this comes the understanding that, it’s only a matter of time before an evolved being can begin to see how the time it takes for a thought to become your reality gets shorter and shorter.” We simply must do the work to ensure this happens; we must stay in alignment with that which is true for our individual lives. Heartistic Motivation w/Kimberly Banks provides the essentials to help women around the globe achieve the most monumental step they must take in their life to achieve self-actualization:  getting re-acquainted with and embracing, nurturing and loving the spirit within.

The Individual chapters of My Gift, My Self helps listeners understand just how significant their lives truly are; just how much of a gift it is to be present to the self in order to manifest the desires of the heart. Listeners will learn why it is crucial that they overcome fear, move past pain created in the past, learn how to live in the present moment and live the right life, specifically designed for them.

Life is a privilege that should be honored if one is ever to reach completion and arrive to each moment in a state of wholeness.

A definite must have for individuals who are ready to live the life they aspire to live.


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From Fear to Freedom 16:06
Total Time 16:06

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