The Colors of Spirit.

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The Colors of Spirit

This wonderfully relaxing audio will gently guide you on a colorful tour of your seven major chakra energy centers. You will find it calming and energizing at the same time as it reinforces positive attitudes and reminds you of the unique and wondrous miracle of your physical and spiritual existence.

Colors of spirit is a thirty minute guided visualization and clearing of the major chakra energy centers. A perfect companion to the Mind, Body, Miracles audio (also on this site) because it uses the same Divine Light concept as with the Healing Light visualization on that audio.

We begin by invoking Divine Light from the depths of the Universe and bringing it into our bodies. As this brilliant light flows through the body it manifests itself as the colors of the various chakras, expanding each in turn and focusing our attention on the energies of that chakra. As the light manifests as red on the root chakra we are saturated with a feeling of belonging and connection with our origins. Around the navel our light is orange and our appreciation of creation and creativity expands. At the solar plexas we shift to yellow and acknowledge, bless and release emotions. In the heart center our emerald light radiates brightly, opening us to a greater capacity for unconditional love and compassion. Filling the area of the throat is an azure blue light which opens us to deeper, more meaningful communications. The third eye at the center of our forehead radiates a brilliant indigo light which connects us to the Universal Mind, expanding our awareness and intuition. Finally, through the crown at the top of our head we radiate pure white light which connects us to our Soul and the Divine.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
The Colors of Spirit 30:31
World Peace Meditation 11:13
Total Time 41:44

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