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Morning and Evening Meditations with Patricia J. Crane, PhD
  • Learn to greet the day with joy
  • Experience deep relaxation at night so you sleep peacefully
  • Get a restful nights sleep

This audio program is designed to help you begin the day with positive uplifting thoughts and end the day with letting go and relaxing.

In Morning Meditation I there is a focus on gratitude for everything in your life, plus affirmations for loving yourself and others, having a healthy body, welcoming abundance, and trusting your inner wisdom.

In Evening Meditation I you are guided to review the day and release any negative feelings from the day, then into an autogenic deep relaxation exercise, reminding the different parts of your body to relax. Finally, you go to a special healing garden where you can release old patterns.

In Morning Meditation II, you learn to appreciate the miracle that is your body and the multitude of functions it carries out with no conscious thought from you! You are guided to a place of connectedness with the energy of the Universe, feelings of trust in the process of Life, and a sense of unconditional love that will produce miracles in your life.

In Evening Meditation II you experience progressive relaxation, a process of gently tensing and then relaxing different muscle groups throughout your body. This process was developed by Dr. Edmond Jacobsen in the 1920’s and has been used by many with positive results. Once in a relaxed state, you are guided to identify and release limiting thoughts and beliefs from your life. You release the old beliefs as balloons and then imagine challenging areas of your life transforming. You drift off into a deep restful sleep.

What People Are Saying:

"These meditations are amazing. I am sleeping better at night and enjoying myself a lot more at my work! I highly recommend these meditations. " Mary G., Atlanta, GA Mary G., Atlanta, GA

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Morning Meditation I 15:01
Evening Meditation 1 15:53
Morning Meditation II 09:53
Evening Meditation 2 14:09
Total Time 54:56

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