Inner Balance, Outer Harmony.

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Meditations for Developing Inner Balance and Outer Harmony
  • Four different meditation techniques for relaxation
  • Take just 15 minutes to release stress
  • Rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit

When you are feeling stressed and anxious inside, it’s difficult to have your life flow smoothly on the outside!

This audio program contains four distinctly different meditations:
1. Developing Awareness
2. Finding Your Inner Advisor 
3. Autogenics & Imagery
4. Merging with Nature

These meditations are specifically designed to help you train your mind and body in relaxation, allowing you to develop more inner peace regardless of what is happening outside. As you learn to function with less tension, you will also feel greater energy and happiness! Relaxation is like any other skill- it takes practice! If you are willing to practice one of these meditations twice a day for two weeks, you will notice positive changes in your mind and body. The program features four 15 minute guided visualizations. Each one is very different, allowing you to discover what images and techniques work best for you. The soothing music in the background was created just for these meditations.

In Developing Awareness, the focus is on getting in touch with sensations of tension in your body so that you can relax and release the tension. You learn to breathe more easily and deeply. You will hear affirmations such as "My body remains alert while my body maintains balance throughout the day." The Inner Advisor exercise begins with body relaxation and then continues with a visualization in a beautiful meadow, where you meet your Inner Advisor, the wisdom part of you that can help you develop insight and understanding about some situation that is difficult for you. The Autogenics and Imagery relaxation guides you into a deeply relaxed state with phrases like "I am calm..." "I am quiet.... My arms are relaxed....." Your body receives a reminder about how to relax completely and then you are guided mentally through a beautiful garden.The final visualization, Merging with Nature, guides you through connecting with different parts of nature: a tree, the sky and clouds, and water. It is playful and relaxing, yet also energizing.

These meditations have been Patricia’s best sellers for years. We know you will enjoy it and find great benefits in experiencing them!

FREE BONUS: The Global Peace Meditation. This is an opportunity to visualize peace worldwide.

What People Are Saying:

"Patricia's voice is so soothing. These meditations have really helped me release stress and relax! " Jamie Clark-McFarland, SD

"It's wonderful to have four very different meditations. I can choose the one that fits where I am at the moment. " Michele Q., MD

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Inner Balance: Outer Harmony 1:01:51
World Peace Meditation 11:13
Total Time 1:13:04

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