For Women Only: Reducing Stress.

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For Women Only: Reducing Stress in an Inside Job by Patricia Crane, PhD


Why did Patricia create an audio set on stress management just for women? There are two reasons. First, because in the hundreds of stress management seminars and classes Patricia has given, most of the participants have been women; second, because women today are facing new challenges with balancing career and family.

More than ever, women feel that "women’s work is never done." Traditional roles are changing, and women need new skills to help them stay physically and emotionally balanced.

This audio program will inform you, inspire you, and guide you in developing your own combination of effective stress reducing techniques.

Learn about:

  • Stressors affecting women
  • Messages from your body
  • Nature's best tranquilizer
  • Using your mind creatively
  • Adding more humor into your life
  • The power of affirmations
  • Releasing guilt and other negative emotions
  • Creating more time for you
  • Effective communication
  • Spiritual purpose

In the first hour you’ll hear about the physical and psychological symptoms of excess stress, how to understand the outside event itself versus your reaction to it, and simple ways to relax your body, such as deep breathing. (The final sectgion has two deep relaxation exercises for you to experience.) You’ll also learn about the important three S’s: self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility, and how they help you decrease your stress level. You’ll have an opportunity to identify how your own thoughts create stress in your body, and the new mind skills you can use to change that! Although using your mind creatively to reduce stress is a wonderful skill, I don’t suggest that you ignore your emotions, so you'll also learn some techniques for releasing anger and frustration safely.

Positive affirmations, time management, and humor are the topics for the next hour. You will learn how to use positive statements (affirmations) to help you change your old ways of responding to stress. There are numerous examples to get you started in new ways of thinking. The time management section will help you use the time available more efficiently, leaving time for you to relax and take care of yourself. And humor is always a great way to relieve stress!

The final hour addresses communication skills and spiritual purpose. It’s vital that women learn to effectively communicate their ideas and needs, whether in the workplace or at home. Again, there are specific examples to help you implement better communication. Spiritual purpose means finding meaning in this life on earth. It sets the context for your life and gives you direction.

We know that you will find this audio program extremely helpful in your journey to a more relaxed and fulfilling life!


Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
For Women Only: Reducing Stress 1:00:39
For Women Only: Reducing Stress 54:46
For Women Only: Reducing Stress 54:57
For Women Only: Reducing Stress 1:12:08
Total Time 4:02:30

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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