20 Minute Total Body CORE Workout with Hollywood Trainer Lou Perrotta.


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Hollywood Trainers in the PALM OF YOUR HAND!
  • Champion Lou Perrotta works your core in his 20 Minute Total Body Workout in a way that you will hate him during your workout, but love him when you look in the mirror!
  • Lou gets your heart pumping during this core workout like you just did a full 30 minutes of cardio! Why spend an hour when Lou gets the job done in 20 minutes!
  • Say goodbye to overpriced trainers and working out around their schedule! You can have Champion Lou Perrotta train you in your home or at the gym for one low price! $9.95 is way better than $50 an hour!

Champion Body-Builder Lou Perrotta's 20 Minute Total Body Workout focuses on core strengthening exercises combined with aerobic activity to get a total body workout!Say goodbye to a flabby stomach!  Whether intermediate or advanced this workout is for you! Follow along with Lou while watching this video on your Ipod or any compatible cellphone(i phone,blackberry,palm, etc)  This is the NEW way of working out!  Let's get fit!


What People Are Saying:

"I had a baby 2 years ago and finally got my stomach back in shape thanks to Lou! I actually look a lot better now than before my pregnancy! " Aly Hartman

"I thought I was too old for Lou's core workout, but I was able to keep up and eventually add more and more reps and heavier weights! Thanks for a flat tummy Lou! " Terry Norman

"I run marathon's and play club soccer and have never had a workout that worked my core like Lou! I now have washboard abs! My girlfriend loves them! " Patrick Roberts

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
20 Minute Core Workout 17:48
Total Time 17:48

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