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We all want to eat healthier and live longer. But how do we shop for healthy and nutritious foods? And how do we then prepare and cook these foods in a healthy manner? In this hour-long video, health and nutrition expert Gary Null, Ph.D., takes you on a shopping trip at the local organic food market to show you what foods are good to buy and the reasons why. You will learn the special nutritional and healing properties of all the most important fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, herbs, and spices. You will hear which specific ones have been proven to prevent heart disease and cancer, lower cholesterol, aid digestion, detoxify the liver, purify the blood, kill parasites, clean the intestines, and build the immune system.

After this very informative shopping trip, Gary will introduce you to his daughter, natural health chef Shelly Null, who will show you how to equip your organic kitchen and cook a variety of healthy, delicious dishes. In this segment, Shelly takes you through her organic, healthy recipes for preparing Caesar's Salad, Scrumptious Tofu (to replace egg dishes), and Savory Mushroom and Green Quiche (also without eggs). Delicious! Finally, we rejoin Gary at an organic food restaurant where he shows you that it is possible to eat out and still order healthy foods. Before watching this, however, you may want to grab a pad and pencil. The health and nutrition information contained in this video could save your life.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Shopping & Cooking Healthy - Part 1 32:27
Shopping & Cooking Healthy - Part 2 27:59
Total Time 1:00:26

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