NikkiFitness Beach Bride Destination Wedding Workout.

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Multi-tasking moves & cardio intervals combine to cut workout time, increase intensity, and boost metabolism.
  • One hour workout in just 30 minutes
  • Multitasking toning with cardio intervals to melt fat
  • 15 minute perfect yoga stretch and stress reducer included

(New York, NY)- More than half a million couples (16% of engaged couples) plan romantic destination weddings annually, with the majority of these weddings being held in a tropical location. That leaves a lot of women wanting to get in shape. A destination wedding bride and personal trainer finally filled this need with the new NikkiFitness Beach Bride DVD.

"Once you are engaged and planning a destination wedding, the pressure is on - not just to achieve beach body shape, not just wedding shape, but beach - wedding shape," explained Nicole Glor, creator of the NikkiFitness DVD line. "It's a whole different level of fitness pressure, and it is the reason I actually became a group fitness instructor in the first place. A beach wedding dress can't hide your flaws, and you can't just have it taken-out or chose one with sleeves if you miss a few weeks at the gym."

With a 200% increase in the popularity of destination weddings in the last decade, and a huge increase in media coverage of them, Mrs. Glor chose her own destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico in 2003. She had a hard time battling the daily snowstorms in Syracuse, NY to get to the gym. She became certified in group fitness because she needed extra motivation to get to her workouts.

Five years later she is now a certified personal trainer working in Manhattan, and taped her second multi-tasking fitness DVD at the same beach she was married on, during her 5 year wedding anniversary.  A demo can be seen at 


"Because I went through the destination wedding planning, I know the pressures destination-brides-to-be are under. You have a never-ending to-do list, a scale that won't move, a dress that doesn't fit, and minimal time for a workout. You don't have time to stand still and do bicep curls when you could be multi-tasking."

The NikkiFitness series of multi-tasking workouts combine upper body muscle groups with lower body moves that, when performed together, put you a little off-balance and require core strength. Her class participants, personal training clients and NikkifFitness column readers who follow these routines add cardio intervals between sets. They can do what used to be an hour-long workout, in half the time with more intensity and fat burning capacity during and after the session.

The other thing brides have in common? Stress. Nikki invited her sister Kim Glab, a certified yoga instructor, to help fix that problem with a 15 minute yoga routine. "I have searched for years for a short yoga DVD that stretched all of my sore muscles from teaching up to 15 classes per week. None included my favorite stretches with stress-relieving breathing and sun salutations that you could spare the time to do before work, before bed, on lunch break or after a hard workout. My sister and I made this for ourselves and for anyone who also wants the perfect 15 minute yoga routine."

Another thing common among destination wedding brides-to-be is anticipation. Different than traditional fitness DVD, the NikkiFitness Beach Bride workout will not show a studio full of women doing the same old routine. It's shot in different scenic locations in Mexico with the crystal clear blue water in the background, wind rustling the palm trees and the sun shining on the sand. The location keeps you excited by looking a beach similar to where the wedding/honeymoon might take place, and the quick edits keep participants visually stimulated.

"If you are the couple that likes to work out together too," Nikki continues, "these moves are definitely tough enough for your fiancé. If you are a traditional wedding bride looking forward to toning up, lowering stress and planning a great honeymoon, this is for you as well."

Also, in the spirit of YouTube and iPod and thousands of products tailored to individual tastes, one generic soundtrack isn't forced on participants. The DVD sends exercisers to www.nikkifitness.com for their own playlist suggestions and iTunes NikkiFitness mixes in many different genres. Each workout can include new music.

The DVD and downloads will be available on Amazon.com, Createspace and iAmplify along with the NikkiFitness Military Wife Workout. For more information, a biography, video demo, press clips, columns, wedding advice, photos and letters from other destination brides, log on to www.nikkifitness.com


Contact: nikki@nikkifitness.com



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Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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