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Flexibility for Athletes Rowing Podcast Workout

Through Ed Harrold's revolutionary philosophy, you will create workouts for any fitness level by creating a body over mind atmosphere. These podcasts combine basic yogic breathing exercises and yogic movement into a Concept2 indoor training program. You'll receive artfully mastered workouts based on Ed's Flexibility For Athletes Training that combines the best of yoga: breath, postures, relaxation and meditation. Our Podcasts have been formulated as a series so you begin your training learning the basics and move into more intermediate and advanced sequencing in your cardio and/or strength-training workouts. No matter what your fitness level or yoga background, we feel it is best for you to start with our first Podcast*. By doing so, you will create optimal performance in each and every workout as you retrain your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Just the basics of our yoga breathing (when used in a cardio workout with our NEW sequencing) challenges even professional athletes, so strap yourself in for the workout of your life!  Flexibility For Athletes Program's always train the respiratory muscles first to create a sweat as fast as possible and simulates high altitude training at ground level.  This technique pulls athletes away from empty thoughts and into the intelligence of the body in each part of the stroke.  It doesn't matter whether you're training for a headrace, 2K, or the National Team, this is the best training techniques in the world today.  This is the forerunner on how athletes will train 20 years from now.  Get on it now, be the first, win more. GO BE GREAT!

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs5


Program Title Duration
Rowing Podcast 1 35:10
Rowing Podcast 2 37:05
Rowing Podcast 3 37:05
Rowing Podcast 4 41:44
Rowing Podcast 5 41:44
Total Time 3:12:48

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