The Seeker Is the Sought.

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Give yourself the gift of calmness today

- Gain clarity before starting your day
- Maintain balance to give yourself peace of mind
- Calm down after a hectic day

The Seeker is the Sought is a four-part series designed to help reveal your potential for clarity and calmness in all of your endeavors,from a hectic work schedule to a turbulent love life. Please listen to the talks sequentially first, then use this summary as you wish to remind you of which talk seems most relevant to your experience at any time in the future. You can listen from your car in the midst of a chaotic commute or you can dim the lights in your bedroom and unwind after a busy day. Namaste!

1) The first talk in this series is INTELLECT, BEING, AND YOUR HEART'S INTELLIGENCE, which gently reminds you of the capacity you already possess to navigate any situation of your day more easily and harmoniously. You will also receive a simple but powerful breath practice which you can employ at any time to connect you more deeply to your quiet strength.

2) LIBERATING FROM UNINTENTIONAL DOUBT is the second talk in the series. Here, Elena Brower explores the difference between intentional doubt and unintentional doubt. INTENTIONAL DOUBT helps you refine your choices; UNINTENTIONAL doubt creates duality, judgment, and fear. Perfect for the time-crunched business person, the breath practice in this contemplation will help you liberate yourself from that unintentional doubt to render all of your interactions more efficient.

3) The third talk in the series, CALM IN ANY SITUATION, will introduce you to the ways in which you can draw inspiration from the actual functions of your heart to cultivate calmness in any context. Your heart does nothing but receive, nourish, and offer energy to your body. In this breathing meditation, we listen and observe the heart so you can begin to receive and offer nourishment more effectively in your day-to-day life.

4) Finally, in BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE, the fourth and final talk, you'll be implored to BECOME that which you most deeply desire. Instead of waiting for what you want to come from some external source, you'll focus on the confidence within yourself. For example, if you'd like folks around you to treat you with more respect, or love, or patience, your every breath will be used to reveal that quality in a context of confidence within yourself so you can then offer that quality to the world from your own experience.

You'll see that what you seek is already within you.

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Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs5


Program Title Duration
Introduction to The Seeker Is the Sought 00:37
Contemplation 1: Intellect, Being, and Your Hearts Intelligence 12:00
Contemplation 2: Liberating From Unintentional Doubt 10:04
Contemplation 3: Calm In Any Moment 08:57
Contemplation 4: Be the Change You Wish To See In the World 08:03
Total Time 39:41

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