Poker University- Freshman Course.

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  • Learn to use position to your advantage at the poker table.
  • et the poker edge from the moment the cards are dealt.
  • Analyze your poker opponents to maximize your profits.

For the first time, the Legends of Poker, Doyle Brunson & Mike Caro, download their patented game winning strategies to you!

Doyle Brunson, the undisputed godfather of poker, and master strategist Mike "the Mad Genius" Caro have teamed up in this unprecedented four-level master course.

Through card analysis, in-the-trenches tips, and hands-on strategy, they guide you through 7-Card Stud, Limit Hold 'Em, and, of course, the ultimate strategy for winning at No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. By showing you not only where good players succeed, but also where they fumble, these lessons guide you through a lifetime of winning at poker.


The freshman course includes 10 lessons; over one and a half hours of expert poker instruction. Whether you want to blow away your Friday night table or head to the next World Series of Poker, iAmplify Poker University is a must have to raise your game to the next level!

Product Information:

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Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 1 11:21
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 2 06:51
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 3 10:41
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 4 12:32
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 5 03:42
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 6 10:24
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 7 05:11
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 8 08:23
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 9 08:04
Poker University - Freshman Lesson 10 05:50
Total Time 1:22:59

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