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How To Set Your Morning Mood or Attitude to High Altitude and Boost Energy!
  • Sets the tone or attitude for your day
  • You get a shorter and longer version to fit your schedule
  • Comes with a companion article to maximize your morning boost

If You Hate the Grating Sound of an ALARM Clock or
Are Looking to Make the Morning a Positive Jumping Point Into a More Productive and Happy Day…
Then I’d Like to Introduce You to an Innovative Way to Harness a Steady Flow of Morning MOJO in Less Than 12 Minutes Without Effort or Struggle

Good day. This is Daron Powers, author of what has been described as an “astounding” sound track specifically designed to boost motivation each morning.

If your day involves communicating with people you know it’s important to be at your best and not leave your attitude to fate, chance or luck for that day. Intuitively, most people understand that…

The Morning Sets the Mood or Attitude for the Day

Here’s how wake up and be alive works. Picture this, at the prescribed time, your MP3 player or CD clock radio clicks on; warm, gentle sounds fill your room. Positive spoken words invite you into the day. Uplifting affirmations guide your attention toward pleasant images that urge you to see and feel your day unfolding as perfectly as you can imagine.

“The powerful message and advanced technology of Wake Up & Be Alive is an audio masterpiece.”
—Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

It might be raining outside but inside you’ll find yourself rising up more alert, relaxed, refreshed, open, creative and ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of today.

As you rise from your bed into the day, you have a feeling of being in the present moment. Your friends, family and coworkers notice your bright smile and positive outlook. You are the kind of person they like to be around and that’s good for business and for personal happiness isn’t it?

“I have never been a morning person until now. In my opinion, the positive, uplifting message that you give is more of a stimulant than coffee. I would like copies to sell my patients.” —Dr. Anthony Kowalski

You know you can’t buy happiness. But, you can do your best to set the conditions where the positive has a chance to flourish and not be choked off by people and circumstances intent on what’s wrong with life. So rather than focusing on what isn’t working…

This stimulating soundtrack focuses on what is working in your life.
Over 200 hours went into writing script, composing music, recording voice and blending scores of sound tracks. If the uplifting music, positive affirmations, soothing environmental sounds and subliminal messages were all Wake Up & Be Alive contained, then every exposure would still create a powerful listening experience.

But there is more. Way more. Have you heard about the… 

Stunning Power of Brain Synchronization?

Wake Up & Be Alive contains a patented Hemi-Sync sound wave process refined with over 40 years of research and development from the Monroe Institute. This state-of-the-art technology synchronizes your brainwaves stimulating both sides of your brain.

The long and short of it is you arrive into the day more focused and alert because your left and right sides of your brain are working together.

Listeners report a boost in focus, energy and enthusiasm after as little as three days of listening. Earphones or stereo speakers on each side of your bed, dressing or exercise area dramatically intensify the effect of whole-brain potential.

The regeneration effect is so stunning that users have reported they enjoy a break in the day with their personal Walkman or iPod and a set of headphones. Hey, who doesn’t easily waste an hour or two every day? What’s 12 minutes if it delivers you from stress into a state of well-being? You go back to work recharged. And, you can wake up and feel more alive than ever.

“I’ve been using the Wake Up & Be Alive audio since 1990. Nothing is more important than setting the tone for the whole day. When you start the morning right, the whole day flows much better.”
—Michael Jeffreys, President, The Yes Network

You Get Two Versions of The Soundtrack!

The soundtrack comes with an article download revealing five ways to wake up and plan for a more positive day. It also comes with two versions. One version has an additional song created with the original recording. The other version is minus the song “Wake Up & Be Alive.” You get both. Listen and choose which one you like better.

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Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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