Goal Focus - Guided Relaxation Soundtrack.

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What Do You Want To Accomplish? What Do You Want To Do? Where Do You Want To Go? What Do You Want To Become?
  • The audio track guides you step-by-step to visualize and emotionalize your goals to shorten achievement time
  • The included Adventure Log sets the stage for masterful achievement of goals and can be used over and again for a lifetime
  • The audio track and goal process together make an unbeatable combination for achieving goals in every area of your life and can be shared with the family

“You can’t hit a goal you can’t see!

You won’t achieve a goal you haven’t set and…

If you don’t choose… you will be chosen for.”

Ah but you knew that already… right?

Even though it is widely known that successful individuals engage in regular goal setting… Did you know studies show that only 3 in 100 set down their goals in writing?

The real challenge is where do you find the time to get around to actually writing it all down? Life is complex. There’s so much mental juggling and… there’s always something else competing for your attention. Even if you decide to make a little time where do you start?

This is Daron Powers and I want to tell you about a way you can achieve your career, money, health or relationship goals more consistently this coming year, and it’s called…

The Adventure Log

I am including this powerful goal achieving resource as a bonus when you download the Goal Focus – Guided Relaxation Soundtrack. Wait until you hear about this amazing soundtrack and what it can do to acceralerate the achievement of your goals. But first…

I am including The Adventure Log plan because it makes goal achievement so much more powerful. You see…

Most of us want to do more, be more if not have more. Written goals collapse time by bringing them top of mind. You see over the years I’ve found that most success minded people understand this fact but it’s not always easy to actually do it. That’s why…

The Adventure Log was designed to help you to cut to the chase, make goal setting fun and get your most important goals down in about the time it takes to watch 60 Minutes—and then go on to impact your life for the next year! That’s what it means to…

Leverage Your Time & Energy

My wife… God bless her soul, is an academic wiz but simply doesn’t understand the power of written goals to accelerate positive improvements… that is until I unveiled The Adventure Log. She doesn’t go to all the self-improvement seminars I go to but she seems to really enjoy setting goals with the Adventure Log.

The first couple of years we used The Adventure Log with friends in a relaxed setting. And now it’s become a family tradition. Even my nine-year old daughter gets into the act.

I just reviewed several Adventure Logs from previous years and was amazed at what I had accomplished and equally baffled by where I missed the mark. The honest feedback helps me to learn about myself. That’s why this 16-page masterpiece is a convenient way to…

Clarify Your Direction & Achieve With Greater Self-Mastery

The Adventure Log works because it is so simple and easy to use. Step-by-step you review the previous year in a positive and constructive way. Then through an innovative technique you move forward in kind of a celluloid like “time-machine”—then look backward for clues about how you achieved your most important goals.

Flat out it’s fun and it works. I’ve run versions of exercise from corporate boardrooms to everyday living rooms and people are floored by their results.

The Adventure Log alone has a value of $15.00. You can use it year after year so it literally will help you achieve goals for a lifetime.

“The most powerful and fun tool I have seen in 17 years of being a goal setter.”
—Peg Ostby, Owner, Creative Cruises

“I am finding renewed enthusiasm, and a refreshing outlook on life. I’ve lost more than 21 pounds plus, my blood pressure is lower than it has ever been.”
—John Little, Manager, Ford Motor Co.

Once you narrow this years goals with the Adventure Log you bring it all into focus with the…

Goal Focus – Guided Relaxation Soundtrack

Times greatest thinkers, achievers and athletes like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill or Michael Jordan each emphasizes the power of achieving your goals through visualization.

The key is to hold your mind steady… focus and concentrate your mental energy into your most important goals… and do it with intense emotion. It’s a piece of cake, right? Well…

Have you ever noticed just how easy it is to get caught up, distracted and pulled in different directions? I used to find it difficult to do the proper visualization most experts say should be done to bring your goals to pass.

I’ve spent a lot of money on all kinds of audio programs and seminars but never experienced anything like the riveting power of the Goal Focus - Guided Relaxation Soundtrack.

One reason it works so effectively is because of convenience. Simply listen with your most important goal in mind. The sounds, voice and music easily drop you down into a deep and profound state of healthy relaxation.

You then invest a couple of minutes to focus, concentrate and imagine how good it feels to have achieved your goals. The voice and music brings you back into your day refreshed and peaceful as if you’ve just had a brief nap. And…

You come away filled with positive expectancy,
Vibrant aliveness and enthusiasm

And no, it’s not magic. Yes, there is a pleasant voice guiding you into and out of a state of deep refreshing relaxation. Yes, the music and ocean waves invite you into a feeling of open skies, blue water, gentle waves lapping up against a sandy beach. But…

If there was magic, it would be the patented Hemi-sync sound process that locks your mind into an intense state of concentration. You then wrap your laser-like focus around your important goals and put the Law of Attraction into action.

You may have heard Rhoda Byrne talk about the Law of Attraction in The Secret… the Goal Focus - Guided Relaxation Soundtrack puts it into practice.

In a matter of only 14 minutes this amazing soundtrack allows you to enjoy visualization in order to bring your goals to pass and reduce excessive stress all in one fell swoop.

The Goal Focus – Guided Relaxation Soundtrack normally sells for $15.00.

In this special iAmplify offer you receive the…

Goal Focus – Guided Relaxation Soundtrack for only $15.00 plus…

The Adventure Log a guide to achieving your goals for only $15.00

That of course is a $30 value.

You get them together for only $18.97

“I saw my goals evolve from vague concepts to becoming more well defined.”
—Carol S. Saunby

“The Goal Focus Audio reinforced my desire and drive to achieve goals.”
—Susan Smith

“Listening to the Goal Focus Audio has caused headaches and tension
To disappear and is having a strong effect on my peace of mind and well-being.”

—Tom Thomas

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Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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