Fresh Start - Keeps You in the Driver's Seat of Your Life.

Product Image: Fresh Start - Keeps You in the Driver's Seat of Your Life

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Fresh Start - Keeps You in the Driver's Seat of Your Life
  • Designed to reduce stress, improve focus and embrace happiness
  • Redirects focus onto things you can control for an even more positive attitude
  • Provides a fresh perspective to bad news and cynical influences of others

Have you ever noticed how events like the economic crisis, the Wall Street “bail-out," the housing meltdown or… even a stubbed toe can affect your attitude?

Like it or not bad news, bad days can have a negative or cynical affect on how you feel, come across to others and overall productivity.

It was for days like this that I developed the audio program Fresh Start. I wanted a transformative resource that I could use conveniently… at any time and most any place… and easily share it with others.

Fresh Start is a collection of timeless quotes and powerful daily affirmations set on a bed of calming yet inspiring music designed to reduce stress, improve focus, embrace happiness and reinforce an even more positive attitude. Things don’t have to be broke in order to make daily life better.

The reason it works is because this powerful audio tool was carefully designed to help redirect your focus of attention onto things you can control and thus develop a feeling of even greater confidence and well being morning, noon or nighttime.

Life can be messy and sometimes you need a little help, a fresh perspective or some kind of insurance against the media’s emphasis on bad news or the cynical influence of others. Fresh Start is the reminder that either you choose what you are exposed to or you will be chosen for. It’s a small investment for a significant return.

Commercials abound that press us to buy things to eat, drink and endlessly consume—all of which tantalize the senses, provide temporary comfort but have no real lasting worth.

Fresh Start represents extraordinary value because the messages are universal, safe for all ages and will literally provide a lifetime of inspiration. And there are no drug related side effects like we all hear on television commercials.

Play Fresh Start in place of annoying radio commercials, use it for meditation, contemplation or put Fresh Start into your mp3 music mix, hit the random button and let the music and words inspire and uplift you with powerful, positive affirmation and the wisdom of timeless quotes.

You can also listen to Fresh Start as you are waking, dressing, jogging, exercising, relaxing or commuting to and from work.

Fresh Start
is a unique listening resource that helps to maintain daily balance while safe guarding you from many of life’s negative influences.

“Your CD Fresh Start is very positive in affirmations. The voices are calming and relaxing. I listen to it while I'm getting a massage or while I'm relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Music tied to the affirmations is great!!”

—Jim Athens
Residential Mortgage Consultant

“I was conducting a teacher’s meeting in Palm Beach and I had the CD Fresh Start on as participants were arriving, their feedback was positive and shaped the attitude of the meeting. Participants began thinking about how they could be part of the solution and not part of the problem. It was wonderful, and I attribute that to the mood being set by the CD.”

—Shelley Nemeth

“My mother was in her final stages and rather cranky. Listening to Fresh Start on the drive to the hospital continually helped get my attitude right for those precious last visits before she passed. Thanks for a very useful CD.”
—Richard Asztalos
Business Owner

“Unfortunately the dog chewed up my Fresh Start CD. Please send another.”

—Tina Shulman
Massage Therapist

“I listen to Fresh Start when I’m driving and find that it distracts me in a positive way especially if I’m having a bad day.”

—Joe Gaglio
Network Technician

“Daron, thanks for living on purpose and creating Fresh Start. I really enjoyed it. I lit candles and dimmed the lights...and took it in. I align with all that was said. Thanks so much.... I will include it as part of my self-care.”

—Cindy Chandler
Body Worker

“I need to be reminded daily that I am in control or my attitudes, mood, happiness etc. I like knowing and being reminded that ‘I have the power’. I like hearing positive messages and it is especially nice coming from another successful person like yourself because it appears to me that this type of ‘mind control’ is working for you. And I know it works for me when I use it. It seems weird to me that I need a daily reminder but negativity can creep in quickly for me.”

—Brian Brookbridge
Real Estate Appraiser

“Thanks for Fresh Start! It was easy to see you in everything described. Congratulations on being so disciplined and true to your beliefs. I would like to see about an order of 50 for the Customer Relations staff. Let me know how to coordinate this and how much it will be.”

—Edwin Stackhouse
Vice President of Customer Relations

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Fresh Start - Keeps You In the Driver's Seat of Your Life 42:10
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Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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