The Lowdown: Business Etiquette - Russia.

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  • Portable and Easy to Use – you can use this guide to prepare in advance of a business trip or call, or simply download it and use it “on the way” to your appointment and impress your clients
  • Helps you to navigate your way through those cultural differences where a simple misunderstanding might make the difference between failing and succeeding.
  • Gives quick tips and practical advice on how to research and prepare for your trip, how to behave in a meeting, the etiquette about mobile phones, business cards, social situations, drinking, eating, smoking, appropriate clothing and how to address ...


We live and work in a global environment and knowing how to behave with courtesy in other countries allows us to make a great impression and maximise our potential.

This “quick fix” guide will give you the inside information on how to do business and cope with business socialising in Russia.

Sir Winston Churchill famously said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”.  ‘The Lowdown: Business Etiquette – Russia’ should perhaps be subtitled “Decoding the enigma – how to do business with Russians, ” as it aims to demystify the enigma, giving you practical tips on how to navigate your way through a business trip to Russia, how to behave and how NOT to behave in both business and business socialising situations, to ensure that you maximise your time in Russia, or in dealing with your Russian business colleagues, thus making you a greater asset to your company and your profession.

Russians value politeness – good manners will make a good impression!

Topics Covered Include:

How to understand and build a business relationship

How to navigate your first business meeting – what to do and what NOT to do!

How Russia’s business culture differs from the West

Useful tips on what to research and prepare for your trip

How to cope with social invitations and to understand their critical importance in a business relationship

A list of useful phrases

Author Biographies


Slava is the author of over 16 publications, in both English and Russian, including “Loyal Comrades, Ruthless Killers,” the story of the Russian secret services. He has written and directed several television documentaries, and is a graduate of the prestigious Military Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow.


Charles is an old Russia hand, having set foot in the USSR in 1972 during the “cryogenic era” of the Cold War.  He witnessed first hand the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of new Russia.  He has acted as adviser to both foreign and Russian governmental and private sector organisations wishing to do business with each other.

Presenter Biographies

TREVOR WHITE – after graduating with a degree in Economics and sailing across the Pacific in 1993, Trevor began his career as an actor and voice artist.  Recent film credits include Genova, Hellraiser: Hellseeker, The Gift and Die Another Day.  He has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and is the Artistic Director of the Suspect Package Theatre Company.  Recent audiobooks include James Frey’s Bright Shiny Morning and A Million Little Pieces.

LORELEI KING is a multi-award winning narrator of Audiobooks, recording the works of Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton and Patricia Cornwell, to name just a few. She is a co-founder of digital publishing company, Creative Content.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs9


Program Title Duration
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 1 05:27
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 2 04:32
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 3 05:22
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 4 04:51
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 5 05:15
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 6 04:33
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 7 05:11
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 8 05:13
Business Etiquette: Russia - Part 9 03:55
Total Time 44:19

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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