The Lowdown: Business Etiquette - China.

Product Image: The Lowdown: Business Etiquette - China

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  • Portable and Easy to Use – you can use this guide to prepare in advance of a business trip or call, or simply download it and use it “on the way” to your appointment and impress your clients.
  • Helps you to navigate your way through those cultural differences where a simple misunderstanding might make the difference between failing and succeeding.
  • Gives quick tips and practical advice on how to behave in a meeting, the etiquette about mobile phones, business cards, social situations, drinking, eating, smoking, appropriate clothing, and how to address your Chinese business colleagues


We live and work in a global environment - and knowing how to behave with courtesy in other countries allows us to make a great impression and maximise our potential.

This “quick fix” guide will give you the inside information on how to do business and cope with business socialising in China.

China’s rich history plays a paramount role in the way the Chinese see the world today.  China has opened its doors to Western methods and technologies, but they are justly proud of their history - and this has a profound effect on the way the Chinese do business.

This guide will help to explain their philosophy of doing business and why it is so important to respect their attitudes to “face” (mianzi) and “networking” (guanxi).

 “The Lowdown: Business Etiquette – China” will give you practical tips on how to navigate your way through a business trip to China, and on how to behave and how NOT to behave in both business and business socialising situations. This guide will help to ensure that you maximise your time in China or in dealing with your Chinese business colleagues, thus making you a greater asset to your company and your profession.

Topics Covered Include:

How to understand “guanxi” and build a business relationship

How to navigate your first business meeting – what to do and what NOT to do!

Understanding the importance of hierarchy

The importance of colours and numbers in Chinese culture

How to cope with social invitations and understand their critical importance in a business relationship

A list of useful phrases

Biography: FLORIAN LOLOUM has been a passionate student of Chinese language and culture for many years. After finishing his studies, he spent three years in Shanghai developing the Chinese market for several international companies. He now lives in Hong Kong, where he works for Pan Macmillan as Business Development Manager for Asia.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs10


Program Title Duration
Business Etiquette: China - Part 1 05:07
Business Etiquette: China - Part 2 04:53
Business Etiquette: China - Part 3 05:21
Business Etiquette: China - Part 4 05:31
Business Etiquette: China - Part 5 04:39
Business Etiquette: China - Part 6 04:39
Business Etiquette: China - Part 7 05:04
Business Etiquette: China - Part 8 05:00
Business Etiquette: China - Part 9 05:23
Business Etiquette: China - Part 10 03:04
Total Time 48:41

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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