Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

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Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga to Inspire & Uplift You Every Day!
  • Dynamic, Deep, Inspirational
  • For Strength, Tone, Flexibility, and Well Being

Claire Missingham leads you on an uplifting, dynamic and inspiring journey into the flow of Vinyasa Yoga. This series of downloads is a fast-paced, invigorating practice that challenges and relaxes in equal measure. Incorporating many variations of standing poses, twists, arm balances, inspiring back-bending flows and challenging inversions, you can choose to build your own practice, or follow one of the pre-set morning or evening sequences. 

Special Features:

-Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa Flow Yoga class in 17 sections

-A guide to modifying your practice, to suit differing flexibility

-An interview with Claire Missingham to guide you and introduce you to the richness and history of Vinyasa Yoga

-An Authentic Moroccan atmosphere and music featuring Cheb i Sabbah, Neel Dhorajiwala, Amritkripa & Ann Malone

Combine for Morning and Evening Sequences:

To invigorate you at the start of your day in a morning practice:

     Breathing & Cleansing

     Rhythmic Warm-ups

     Rhythmic Salutations

     Spiralling Sequence

     Spinning Wheel


To release tension for a restful sleep in a calming evening practice:

     Mudra Meditation

     Shining Stars

     Archer Sequence

     Goddess Sequence


Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs21


Program Title Duration
Claire Yoga (01): Interview with Claire Missingham 02:39
Claire Yoga (02): AM Yoga - Pranayama and Kriya: Breathing & Cleansing 05:04
Claire Yoga (03): AM Yoga - Vayu Mandalas: Rhythmic Warmups 04:21
Claire Yoga (04): AM Yoga - Namaskar 3 & 4: Rhythmic Salutations 06:21
Claire Yoga (05): AM Yoga - Spiralling Sequence 03:38
Claire Yoga (06): AM Yoga - Spinning Wheel 09:08
Claire Yoga (07): AM/PM Yoga - Shavasana 03:10
Claire Yoga (08): PM Yoga - Mudra Meditation 02:45
Claire Yoga (09): PM Yoga - Shining Stars 09:00
Claire Yoga (10): PM Yoga - Archer Sequence 05:51
Claire Yoga (11): PM Yoga - Goddess Sequence 04:29
Claire Yoga (12): All Poses: Namaskar 1 & 2 05:15
Claire Yoga (13): All Poses: Rainbow Warrior 1 04:10
Claire Yoga (14): All Poses: Rainbow Warrior 2 05:40
Claire Yoga (15): All Poses: Shiva's Dance 05:36
Claire Yoga (16): All Poses: Weaving Warrior 05:05
Claire Yoga (17): All Poses: Flying High 1 & 2 07:07
Claire Yoga (18): All Poses: Bow Sequence 06:01
Claire Yoga (19): Creative Flow Dance 04:14
Claire Yoga (20): Modifications 06:23
Claire Yoga (21): Credits 02:00
Total Time 1:47:57

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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