Forgiveness~The Divine Connection Audiobook.


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Forgiveness ~ The Divine Connection, "A Clairvoyant Point of View"
  • You Deserve Self-Worth, Value, and Respect--Always!
  • Discover How to Hear, Feel, & See Your Angels, Loved Ones, & Spirit Guides!
  • Profound Angelic Messages, Inspirational Quotes, & Thought - Provoking Forgiveness Principles!

Forgiveness ~ The Divine Connection


 Change your attitude, Change your life!
Connect with angels, become spiritually empowered,
and learn how to utilize the
universe's most powerful energy!





A remarkable story of conviction and drive, Forgiveness~ The Divine Connection, shows us that we are definitely not alone! With profound messages from the angelic realm, including spirit guides and loved ones, clairvoyant Cindy Goldenberg awakens us to our innate divine connection. Through pain, anger, and perseverance, Cindy not only survives all obstacles, she cures her son of vaccine induced developmental delays, gains national recognition, and is led down a different path of self-discovery . 


Psychically gifted, Cindy reveals what she clairvoyantly hears and sees. Messages from angels, spirit guides, and her own father right after his death, captivate and inspire with descriptions of heaven and the remarkable love that awaits us all. Cindy also talks about negative and earthbound spirits as well as her encounter with dark entities after a young boy’s death.



Cindy insists that everyone has the same intuitive abilities regardless of faith, background or religion. She explains that when we forgive, we instantly heal, magnetize and attract our heart’s desire—because we are essentially commanding worth and respect for our self. She knows this because she can literally "see" it !


Forgiveness~The Divine Connection is a reverent and fascinating book!



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What People Are Saying:

"Forgiveness: The Divine Connection" is a very cool book along the lines of "The Secret," but more focused on personal growth than monetary gains. Aside from being wonderful as a person, she writes in a very clear manner that holds your interest. " Dave Arney, Manager, Borders Mission Viejo, CA

"In the almost thirty years since we met, I have never ceased to be amazed by this woman of great courage, insight and sensitivity. I have seen her emerge through her joys and trials as a seeker of truth, daring to explore the unknown, being a leader ..." Sharon Simon, Film Producer, Finance Director: Steven Spielberg's Shoah Foundation, Political Activist

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Forgiveness~The Divine Connection Audiobook 3:37:21
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