Meditation for Aries.

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Get Power through Your Sun Sign!
  • You can quickly center yourself, bringing vitality, by this meditation
  • Astrology meditation from professional astrologer and author.
  • Bring out your hidden genius quickly and destress.

You've heard that Aries is a trailblazer; the first sign of the zodiac who always wants to be first. Are you an Aries seeking adventure but sometimes it evades you?  Don't worry that you don't seem to be living the life of the Aries you read about in the astrology books. There's a reason for that and in this meditation, astrologer Chrissie Blaze reveals why - and how you can be that incredible Aries you always wanted to be.

Blaze, herself an Aries, reveals that Sun sign astrology really works. She has even written a book about it, one of seven published books on astrology, called "Superstar Signs." How does it work, Blaze explains:

I know there are only twelve Sun signs and billions of people so you may wonder how Sun sign astrology can work. Yes, it's true, it is a rough guide but it is also a helpful one. While people say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, which is true; it is also true, however, that no knowledge at all can be worse. 

"Knowledge and understanding of your Sun sign in some depth is a good place to begin because the Sun in your horoscope represents your character and one of the things we are here on Earth to develop is just that. It is what your soul has chosen as a tool to help you through life.

"In this Aries meditation, I will show you how to fully immerse yourself in your Sun energies so in just a few minutes several times a week, you will feel yourself becoming the most creative, most joyful and effective, loving human being - your Superstar self.

"Sun sign meditation is so helpful. If you ignore your Sun sign, as many people do, you will feel a vague sense of being lost, of not achieving what you are here to do. People then may cover up these feelings with outside stimulation but it never quite eases the pain.

"For example, you may be shy, reserved and lacking in confidence but born a glamorous Leo. You may shun astrology saying “Im nothing like my Sun sign” My response is: Well, you should be” Being born a Leo means you are here to learn to express the Leo qualities of confidence and leadership and the Leo Meditation will show you how.  Life is about growth and evolution and eventual enlightenment. Every person is here learning how to express the talents and abilities, the seeds of which are shown in their horoscopes at the moment of their birth. The more you can express the potential of your Sun sign, the more this will help you along the path to Superstardom."


What People Are Saying:

"Chrissie Blaze takes astrology to its highest, turning it into a form of spiritual reflection. " Marianne Williamson, author of "Return to Love"

"You won't be able to resist hearing about your Sun Sign and comparing yourself to Abraham Lincoln or Leonardo da Vinci. It's a classic Sun sign meditation with an added sparkle. " Dave Davies, International Rock Star, Founding Member of The Kinks, Metaphysician

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Meditation for Aries 30:04
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