2012: Planetary Configurations Reshaping our World.

Product Image: 2012: Planetary Configurations Reshaping our World

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2010-2012 Planetary Configurations Reshaping Our World
  • The effects of the Cardinal Renaissance on our economy, society and spirituality
  • Mayan Calendar
  • Astrologer translates 2010-2012 configurations into practical vision

About the Lecture:

There is much talk about 2012 and the end of the world; or the very least the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Is this going to be the end of the world? Or is it going to be the beginning of a new realm of consciousness in which we all live blissfully as One?

The planetary configurations that are discussed in this lecture indicate the potential for a paradigm shift. The question is, does that indicate the beginning of a new World Order, or is it the end of life as we know it?

We hear about the planetary configurations beginning in 2010 and leading up to 2012 and beyond. Three of the slow-moving outer planets - Pluto, Uranus and Saturn - are aligning at the beginning of the cardinal signs (the signs of action) in 2010.

Some people think we are moving out of recession and there is optimism that it is reversing. Astrologically there are several downturns and Blaze gives her predictions for the markets in the years to come. She also considers things from a wider perspective than just the economy.

She believes it is a positive time to take back control; to move away from the fear mentality. Not to allow the government, the authorities, anyone else to instill fear in us but be resourceful about working towards a positive future. Then we make positive use of this Cardinal t-square to consciously reshape ourselves and our world.

Globally, we have new reasons to panic almost every day -however, the planets also indicate that this is a time of revelation and it is a time of reality.

As such, it also indicates things like the endings of lies that have been told to us for decades by world governments about, for example, the whole subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitations and several of Blaze's predictions on this subject have come true this year with extensive media coverage to back up her predictions.

Chrissie Blaze believes that talk of an awakening where we all suddenly become spiritual and filled with love and peace is naive. That awakening must be built, one choice at a time, by individuals, communities and countries.

We do have a massive global problem now, and time is running out. This feeling will not leave us as the pressure pot continues to build towards and beyond 2012. The macrocosm is giving us tremendous power to change but still we, the microcosm, have to weild the power in positive ways. We have freewill and the choice is ours. We are part of the world in which we live and it is part of us.

Astrologer, author and international speaker, Chrissie Blaze, presents a concise astrological perspective on the major planetary configurations that will be shaping our world from now, through 2010 to 2012 and beyond.

She will discuss how this will affect us, as well as all the  planets involved in this configuration. She offers possibilities and predictions for personal and planetary change and transformation. She explain how we can use this planetary power over the next two-three years to our advantage.

Blaze believes we really are at the 11th hour and still we are collectively waiting for "something to happen" to show us the way. Right now, we're beginning to feel an ongoing jolt of wake-up energy. The question is, what are we going to do with it?

About the Speaker:

Blaze is a professional astrologer, author of eight published books and international speaker. 

Powerpoint Presentation:

For a powerpoint presentation about the Cardinal Renaissance, please e-mail Chrissie at Chrissieblaze@msn.com

For more information:  please visit http://www.chrissieblaze.com

What People Are Saying:

"Chrissie Blaze takes astrology to its highest, turning it into a form of personal reflection. " Marianne Williamson

"Chrissie has been a keynote speaker at my Living the Field Conferences for several years. She is a spiritual powerhouse! " Lynne McTaggart

"Chrissie Blaze has a unique ability to show how astrology impacts us all, from the media giant to the average person on the street. " Jerry Pippin, radio show host www.jerry pippin.com

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