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  • Captain Tom guides you step-by-step through the flight
  • Understand every noise and every physical sensation as it happens
  • You are not alone. Take Captain Tom with you

Originally $59.95: Buy today and save $30!

Licensed therapist, founder of the original fear of flying program.

Even if your flight is tomorrow, you can Overcome Your Fear of Flying. Take Captain Tom with you to know everything is normal on your flight!

These eight "Take Me Along" MP3 downloads guide you step-by-step through your flight:

- Before leaving home - set up your strategy for success.
- Arriving at the airport - prepare for your flight.
- In the boarding area - review how to maintain automatic control.
- On the plane - know everything you will experience during takeoff - and what causes it!
- Before takeoff - hear what goes on in the cockpit during takeoff - and why.
- During cruise - hear why turbulence is not a problem of any kind.
- Before landing - know what happens in the cockpit - and why.
- Understand the amazing technology that guides the plane to the perfect landing spot on the runway regardless of the weather.

Get "Take Me Along" FREE--Plus Counseling--When You Order One Of These Complete Courses Now!

What People Are Saying:

"Now this is what I've waited YEARS for! Thank you, thank you, thank you . . . I am flying for the first time in a long time and I can't wait now to do it with you along for the ride. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!" L.M.

"Today I had the best flight of my life. I was the biggest skeptic alive, and until even this morning did not believe that the course would help at all. Well put me down as another graduate. Words just cannot express what this has done for my life." J.W.

"You are a truly caring person, and have provided me with an irreplaceable freedom. Such an act of kindness I will never forget." V.H.

"Two years of psychotherapy couldn't get me into the air, but your program did. Your course has helped me acquire renewed personal confidence and pride." E.S.

"My wife has always had a fear of flying, but she agreed to go on this trip. I've never seen her this terrified. I...bought only the take me along mp3 and put it on our ipod. She listened to it starting in the airport gate and over and over again throughout the flight. It was amazing to see the absolute change in her response to flying. All she needed to get through it was to understand what everything means from a person who is qualified to bring the understanding of air travel. I asked her if she would ever fly again and I was shocked to hear that she would. But only if I buy the whole mp3 program from you for her to listen to whenever that time comes to fly again. Thank you for taking the time to do this valuable work." R.W.

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Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs8


Program Title Duration
Take Me Along Alpha: Preparation 06:09
Take Me Along Bravo: Inside the Airport 02:41
Take Me Along Charlie: Familiarization Exercise 03:34
Take Me Along Delta: The Boarding Area 06:26
Take Me Along Echo: Waiting For Boarding 02:49
Take Me Along Foxtrot: Seated In The Cabin 11:43
Take Me Along Golf: Climb Cruise Turbulence 04:43
Take Me Along Hotel: Decent and Landing 05:01
Total Time 43:06

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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