Preparing For Publication #2.


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  • The publishing process from A to Z.
  • Timely & timeless info about how the publishing industry works.
  • Get the behind-the-scenes scoop from someone who has worked as both editor and author.

PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION #2 with author/editor/filmmaker Cristina Salat includes an overview of the publishing industry plus answers to new questions from new students! For the price of a 1-hour consultation, listen in as Cristina gives the scoop on how the world of publishing works...and how best to navigate it. Topics include: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. ESTABLISHING A PUBLISHING HISTORY. ACQUIRING A READERSHIP. E-BOOKS. PUBLISHING NIGHTMARES. AGENTS. PRIORITIES. NON-FICTION BOOKS. TRADE BOOKS. PULP PAPERBACKS. LITERARY SOFTCOVERS. WRITING & REWRITING. APPROACHING THE INDUSTRY. THE CULLING PROCESS. WHAT’S IN YOUR CONTROL & WHAT’S OUT OF IT. EGO -VS- BALANCE. PATRON PUBLISHING. CREATING A NEW NICHE.  STRUCTURING SOMETHING SALEABLE. PUBLISHER’S EXPENSES -VS- YOUR INCOME. MANUSCRIPT FORMAT. SUBMISSION/QUERY LETTERS. RELIGIOUS & CROSSOVER BOOKS. WHO HIRES ILLUSTRATORS? TRADE REVIEWS. PROMOTION.  Recorded live, with the brief interruptions & sound fluctuations that entails. © Cristina Salat. All Rights Reserved.

What People Are Saying:

"As an instructor, Cristina is extremely dynamic and knowledgeable. An enthusiastic and skilled speaker, she consistently presents invaluable publishing information not readily available to most writers. " Julie M. Education Coordinator

"Very professional, you get what you pay for. " student evaluation

"Cristina really knows her stuff! " student evaluation

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Program Title Duration
Prep for Publication #2 3:32:31
Total Time 3:32:31

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