Roadmap to a Vision - Bob Norton.

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Now you can create, test and validate your vision to increase your company’s chances of success, reduce risk and use less capital to reach your goal.

This step-by-step system will show you how to develop your vision and run models in your head that will bulletproof your plans, instead of wasting months-- or even years-- and countless thousands of dollars with real-world trial and error.

Developing a vision is a complex process. Figuring it out for yourself would require many years of hard work and practice with lots of trial and error. As far as we know no one has ever offered a system like this anywhere before. Mr. Norton has been called a visionary since his early twenties when he began developing dozens of new products that grew into successful companies fairly rapidly. Each of these products generated anywhere from $5 million to as much as $156 million in sales within one year of their launch -- all without huge marketing resources behind them. At one point he created a new business every year for five years. Because these many successes have clearly demonstrated his knowledge he now consults with corporations of all sizes on developing their own visions.

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"I must congratulate you on your excellent piece 'The 11 Requirements of a Successful Vision'. I am a CEO of a midsized company with an MBA in marketing. So far, I have not come across so much clarity in any other article on "Corporate Vision... Thank ..." - Uday s Desai, CEO, Suprawin Technologies Ltd

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Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Roadmap to a Vision - Part 1 09:15
Roadmap to a Vision - Part 2 25:53
Roadmap to a Vision - Part 3 14:35
Roadmap to a Vision - Part 4 21:30
Total Time 1:11:13

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