How to Hire Sales Winners with Bob Norton.

Product Image: How to Hire Sales Winners with Bob Norton

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Here are the proven secrets and tools that will enable you to hire employees that are an excellent fit for your organization. Also learn how you can select sales teams that maintain their enthusiasm levels, regardless of market conditions. Developed by Greta Kaufman.

Traditional marketing executives need this crash course to survive in a small company environment because the rules have changed. What worked ten years ago will not work today. This collection of wisdom takes those changes into account. It’s guaranteed to improve your company’s sales, growth and profits radically. You will want to quickly implement dozens of ideas that will fine-tune your marketing focus and generate more results with less investment

Standard job interviews are about as effective as a coin toss. Close to ½ of all new hires will disappoint you in their first year. At the same time - employee turnover costs at least 3 times an employee’s salary in direct and indirect costs. This live video  provides a step-by-step system for revamping your sales hiring process. You will learn what challenges to look out for and what groundbreaking new research to apply to the process.

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"I cannot imagine making a hiring decision without the tools and the insightprovided by Target Teams' Candidate Assessments. We have standardized on TargetTeams' Assessments as part of our candidate qualification and hiring process. " -- Ryan Murray, CPM Senior Partner, Seligence LLC

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Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
How to Hire Sales Winners - Part 1 59:07
How to Hire Sales Winners - Part 2 47:54
Total Time 1:47:01

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