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Growing a company requires very different skills and practices than starting a company. Less than one in one hundred companies will reach $5,000,000 in sales. More often than not a founder or early CEO will be replaced by a "professional manager" to achieve this. This is not necessary when proper training and shifting of management style is implemented in time. Once a company reaches between twelve and twenty five employees it must begin to implement professional management best practices. These come from over 75 years of management science developed by the best business minds of the last century. Do not make the mistake of trying to reinvent the wheel; learn from others first. This training explains not just what these best practices for growth are but when and why they are needed so that all employees in the company can understand and buy into doing these properly. You will learn the physical limits of managers, communications and more and how to get around them. This program will open up your mind to the hidden traps of growth that must be averted with careful training and learning in advance. This volume from our entire training program will help you understand and prepare for changes needed to move a company from a handful of people to a professionally managed organization capable of rapid growth and market dominance.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs9


Program Title Duration
Airtight Management - Part 1 1:04:20
Airtight Management - Part 2 1:33:52
Airtight Management - Part 3 54:39
Airtight Management - Part 4 1:33:54
Airtight Management - Part 5 55:00
Airtight Management - Part 6 39:29
Airtight Management - Part 7 1:09:31
Airtight Management - Part 8 1:06:57
Airtight Management - Part 9 54:50
Total Time 9:52:32

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