A Superior Product Development System.

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Get your products to market many times faster and cheaper, while also generating superior products.

Billions of dollars have been spent to develop and perfect these methodologies, yet few people are aware of them even though they can increase product development teams' productivity by many times the industry averages!

Although it is counterintuitive it is a proven fact that you can develop products many times faster and cheaper than most companies do. Here are techniques proven to get ten times the productivity from product development teams. These strategies were developed decades ago, yet are not used by most companies today. They are guaranteed to boost not only productivity, but also product quality and time to market too. This complete framework and case study gives you all the tools you need to beat larger companies every time.

Today product development and innovation are, more often than not, the key to success in both entering new markets and maintaining market share for any company. Almost no one can still on their laurels without getting overtaken by competitors today. Product life cycles have shortened from many years to sometimes only months. As a result the productivity of your development team is more crucial to your success than ever before. You will learn strategies, systems and techniques used by “skunkworks” development team who developed products in less than one-third the time, with far fewer people and at a small fraction of the cost. In fact you will examine a case study on one of the most successful product development efforts ever that created a product 25 years ahead of its time on a small fraction of the typical budget and in less than 1/3 the usual time. This type of project typically required hundreds of people and was done with a small handful at less that ten-percent of the typical cost.

What People Are Saying:

"Every CEO, entrepreneur and senior executive needs to learn to use these tools, even though they may not know it, they will radically improve any business in short order. " -- Bob Norton, CEO of C-Level Enterprises

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
A Superior Product Development System - Part 1 1:12:49
A Superior Product Development System - Part 2 35:08
Total Time 1:47:57

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