Tantric Yoga for a Blissful Pregnancy.

Product Image: Tantric Yoga for a Blissful Pregnancy

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A Peaceful Pregnancy Yoga Practice to Benefit Mother and Child

Tantric Yoga for a Blissful Pregnancy, with Usha Devi and Clare Beckwith, is a totally authentic and user-friendly pregnancy yoga video workout which is designed to help women throughout their pregnancy.

Usha Devi has devised an easy sequence of gentle asanas (physical postures), breathing techniques and a guided relaxation and visualization technique called Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra has a deeply profound effect on the pregnant mother and developing fetus. The traditional practices of tantric yoga on this video are perfectly safe to use throughout the pregnancy and easy even for the uninitiated who have never practiced yoga before.

Though these practices are deeply rooted in the ancient tantric techniques of the East, it is perfectly relevant for the modern mom-to-be. It will help to integrate the mental, physical and spiritual development of both mother and child.

Clare Beckwith is a happily married mother and TV presenter. She has presented many showbiz, lifestyle & entertainment shows. Clare is passionate about yoga and has been practicing Tantric Yoga with Usha Devi for 8 years. When Clare became pregnant, she decided to make a pregnancy Yoga video with Usha that was comprehensive and simple to follow.

Usha Devi is a qualified yoga instructor trained by the Bihar School of Yoga, Monghyr, India founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. She has been teaching for 20 years, working with the prestigious Hale Clinic for about 10 years. Her students range from housewives to celebrities and the integrated practices of yoga are used to clear up a host of stress related ailments from migraines to infertility.

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Tantric Yoga for a Blissful Pregnancy 1:08:00
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