Perfect 10 Fitness Plus #2.

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Be Your Own Perfect 10!

Perfect 10, the connoisseur's magazine that highlights natural beauty now brings the beauty from its pages onto your iPod or computer.

Perfect 10 Fitness Plus is a fantastic opportunity to get the best health and beauty secrets from today's top models. Follow along with the exercises that keep these perfect 10 models looking and feeling their best.

Each featured model takes you through their exercise routines, plus offers health and beauty tips to round out a perfect picture of you. They also invite you along to experience a day in the life of the models with shopping, dining, spa treatments and more. Applying these helpful insights will allow every woman to be her own Perfect 10.

This download features Naureen Zaim, a model who has always been a tomboy, and that early lifestyle has paid off well. As a champion boxer, her exercises use explosive moves for maintaining a sexy, sculpted look. She takes these challenging moves to a new level adding a twist to each exercise, using more muscle groups to maximize the benefits of a standard routine. Naureen's sweat-inducing workout will deliver sexy abs, tight thighs, sleek shoulders and lean arms to ensure that every woman can achieve her own Perfect 10 body.


Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs1


Program Title Duration
Perfect 10 Fitness Plus #2 30:44
Total Time 30:44

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