Fytek Body Masters.

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The Best of the Best -- Workouts and Lifestyle Guidance from Ten of the World's Fitness Leaders
  • Get the ultimate tools to achieve your lifestyle goals from the professionals
  • Discover a variety of exercises to lose the weight and use Dr. Ali's nutrition to keep it off
  • Teach core awareness and Learn proper posture and stretches to keep you injury free

Ten of the worlds leading trainers and practitioners give you:

Aerobics by Fitzroy Gaynes. Fitzroy is one of the world's leading international fitness experts who has spent 30 years developing aerobic-based routines that have made him a TV favorite.

Hip-Hop Dance by Lisa Brockwell. This Reebok Master Trainer leads you through her personalized Hip-Hop routines that are guaranteed to get you moving, with one thing in mind. Having Fun!

Pilates by Sally Carmichael. Sally is a real innovator and leader in the world of Pilates and uses simple and effective routines to help you achieve the perfect muscular balance you crave.

Strength by Chris Webb. Our former kick boxing champion is another respected top personal coach and trainer, working with top TV and sporting stars, including Felicity Kendall.

Resistance with Simon Waterson. Simon takes you through the core routines that have helped him hone the bodies of A-List global celebrities-including Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan.

Stretch by Kayleigh. Former gymnastics champion and qualified coach, Kayleigh Pearson, gets you moving with her stretch routine that she uses daily in her media career.

Yoga by Khati Goupil. Khati is an internationally respected yoga practitioner who will give you the ultimate mind, body and spirit experience. Her personal clients include Madonna.

Nutrition by Dr. Ali. Best selling author, Dr. Ali, is a pioneer of integrated medicine and is sought after by A-list clients including Samuel L. Jackson and Prince Charles.

Posture by Dominic Cheetham. Dominic, a top London chiropractor, reveals the basic principles of back care, ensuring correct posture and the correct spinal position during exercise.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs17


Program Title Duration
Fytek Body Masters: Aerobics - Fitzroy's Beginner Workout 17:47
Fytek Body Masters: Aerobics - Fitzroy's Intermediate Workout 25:09
Fytek Body Masters: Lisa's Introduction to Hip Hop Dance 15:06
Fytek Body Masters: Lisa's Intermediate Session 21:44
Fytek Body Masters: Pilates - Sally's Introduction - Engage Your Core 18:49
Fytek Body Masters: Pilates - Core Stability - The Swiss Ball 24:18
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Warm Up 04:26
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Simon's Upper Body Routine 17:24
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Simon's Lower Body Routine 05:20
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Simon's Mid-Section Routine 04:33
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Chris' All Over Body Routine 11:31
Fytek Body Masters: Strength - Warm Down 04:48
Stretch - Kayleigh's Gentle Stretch Routine 08:09
Fytek Body Masters: Yoga - Khati's Movement and Strength 21:14
Fytek Body Masters: Yoga - Suppleness and Well-Being Session 19:46
Fytek Body Masters: Nutrition 11:54
Fytek Body Masters: Posture 08:42
Total Time 4:00:40

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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