Saint Germain - Discourse - July 2009.

Product Image: Saint Germain - Discourse - July 2009

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We are truly delighted to offer this beautiful discourse from the
heart of Saint Germain.

Tracks 1 - 6: Main Discourse:
In His loving and humourous way Saint Germain shares viewpoints about our world and current changes.
He offers ways to bring more love into your own world, simple steps to move into your Self and increase well-being.

So much energy, love and wisdom is shared in group channelings with Master, and this is a wonderful way to tune back into the
experience and to learn and integrate the wisdom within yourself.

"We come to share with you the opportunity that sits in your hands for your life and how you can contribute right where you are,
regardless of age, who you are or how you do it."
- Saint Germain

Questions from the Audience:

The second half of this discourse contains fascinating questions (and inspiring answers!):

Track 7: Why do I find it so hard to stay with meditation?
Track 8: How is humanity doing in the preparation towards 2012?
Track 9: How can I use my psychic abilities to help myself and heal others?
Track 10: When are the ETs, our galactic friends, going to reveal themselves?
Track 11: Is there a specific Ray or Master for me?

Product Information:

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Program Title Duration
Saint Germain: Discourse - July 2009 1:12:41
Total Time 1:12:41

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