TTouch with Elephants.

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with Elke Riesterer!

This time on Animal Talk Naturally new guest Elke Riesterer, joins us to talk about using TTouch with elephants! Elke is all about bringing the healing touch through listening hands to all species. We also discuss other important matters such as captivity and stress, personal stories about elephants, and advocating for them.

The Message: Stay listening in your heart. Patience…stop in your tracks, listen.

Website to visit:


If you talk with animals they will talk with you. And you will know each other. If you do not talk with them, you will not know them. And what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys. ~Chief Stan George

Psalm 86:11, NIV

Teach me your way O Lord, and I will walk in your truth.

What People Are Saying:

"Thank you so much, Jeannie, that was he best show I have ever been on – we were SO on the same page I couldn’t believe it…Please give Kim a big hug for me and take one for yourself – all the best to you. Fondly, Lorin " Dr. Lorin Lindner Founder of Parrot Care, New Directions for Veterans, and Serenity Park Sanctuary

"Docs Jeannie and Kim, You have both been so kindly supportive of our efforts to help Q and the other belugas! I was very touched. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you, Jeannie, and so delightful to ‘meet’ you today, Kim. This work makes for ..." Toni Frohoff, Ph.D., Dolphin Mysteries

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TTouch with Elephants 44:41
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