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Empowering YOU with UNlearning to care for your animals, naturally!
  • Learn about the proper way to feed our pets
  • Fun and educational
  • Great price!

Welcome to our very first show here on Animal Talk Naturally! This is the first of our three-part series on how to feed your carnivore pets. This first one is on what we unaffectionately call “kibble poop” more commonly known as commercial pet food. Here is this week’s synopsis:


1. Kibble Poop History
2. Reading labels
3. Hot, hot, hot!
4. Grains & other junk
5. What is good for them NOT us
6. The money trail
7. Side effects & side benefits
8. Voluminous poop
9. The ounce vs the pound
10. The Design

What People Are Saying:

"I love your show. You probably do not even realize the animals lives you are changing, saving, with your show. I am spreading the news, at least 5 other dogs are on their way to raw meaty bones. I am sure there are many thankful people who listen to ..." Faithful listener, Sandy

"You two are so awesome! I think you KNOW youíre good, but you probably donít know HOW good. Thanks again for having me on the show because once again Iíd have to say that this is the best show Iíve been on. Itís the most informative one out there to ..." Irena Schulz Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, Inc

"Thank you for your prompt and kind responseÖI am also thankful for Animal Talk Naturally, and think itís a wonderful resource to be able to share with my board members and students. Back when I sat at a cubicle every day, ATN frequently rescued me from ..." Casey Lomonaco, APDT, CGC Evaluator, KPA Binghamton, NY Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training

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Kibble Poop 44:55
Total Time 44:55

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