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  • Read by the author, Alanna Zabel
  • The Dharma Zone 21-day "I AM" Program
  • Background music engineered with Binaural Sound

As I Am sheds light on esoteric and enigmatic concepts of spirituality. In this realistic, psychological and scientific manner, enlightenment is revealed for what it is - our natural state of being. Everything in our existence is an expression of our collective and individual energies. Chapter 3: The Real Secret, defines the four factors that affect one's dharma, and how to re-align one's life in accordance with it.

Alanna's Mirror Theory demonstrates how the subconscious mind seeks to translate new experiences according to imprinted perceptions from past experiences. The mind is translating reality at every moment according to existing programs in the subconscious mind. Chapter 2: Hypnotic Existence details the hypnotic and contagious nature of our existence and Universe. Using her Child Development education, Alanna highlights how one's early childhood relationships can greatly affect one's ability to initiate self-awareness, as well as the foundational tools to overcome obstacles.

Included in the book is a twenty-one day program practicing daily self-discovery, self-awareness and self-care. This program, The Dharma Zone, will re-awaken and re-align the practitioner with their true self by dissolving past programming while re-connecting one's awareness with organic truth and reality, As I Am.

What People Are Saying:

"I feel I've learnt more facets of human and spiritual personality behaviors in the first forty pages than I have in all the books I have read!" ~ Alexi Lubomirski, Alexi Lubomirski Photography

"As I Am is a practical and gentle guide to help people realize their fullest potential. By following this 21-day program full of daily practices, readers will find the much-needed space within themselves to live truthfully and in harmony." ~ Mary Bemis, Founder, InsidersGuidetoSpas.com and Co-founder, Organic Spa Magazine

"Alanna Zabel has created a book that helps transform your mind, body and spirit... I highly suggest reading this fantastic compilation to better your health and spiritual journey." ~ Vikki S. Ziegler, Celebrity Divorce Attorney

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs28


Program Title Duration
Introduction 07:41
Chapter 1: Discovering Dharma 18:03
Chapter 2: Hypnotic Existence 13:12
Chapter 3: The Real Secret 41:39
Chapter 4: How Personalities Dysfunction 37:40
Chapter 5: Obtaining Dharma 43:23
Chapter 5, Day 1: I Am Committed 05:37
Chapter 5, Day 2: I Am Creative 04:02
Chapter 5: Day 3 I Am Whole 04:26
Chapter 5: Day 4 I Am Forgiving 02:56
Chapter 5: Day 5 I Am True 04:01
Chapter 5, Day 6: I Am Unique 02:39
Chapter 5, Day 7: I Am Flexible 04:10
Chapter 5, Day 8: I Am Accepting 07:17
Chapter 5, Day 9: I Am Patient 04:47
Chapter 5, Day 10: I Am Non-Reactive 07:23
Chapter 5, Day 11: I Am Aware 05:19
Chapter 5, Day 12: I Am Authentic - As I Am 03:49
Chapter 5, Day 13: I Am Consistent 03:21
Chapter 5, Day 14: I Am Present 03:46
Chapter 5, Day 15: I Am Energy & Light 05:15
Chapter 5, Day 16: I Am Joyful 05:16
Chapter 5, Day 17: I Am Grateful 03:50
Chapter 5, Day 18: I Am Compassionate 07:49
Chapter 5, Day 19: I Am Trusting 04:17
Chapter 5, Day 20: I Am You 02:58
Chapter 5, Day 21: I AM 03:12
Chapter 7: Conclusion 05:26
Total Time 4:23:14

Your download will be available immediately upon purchase and accessible from any computer, any time!

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