The iAmplify Affiliate Program

Welcome to the iAmplify Affiliate Program. You can now sell audio and video downloads from the world's best authors, experts and celebrities. These media lessons and ideas provide more than entertainment: we help inspire people and improve their lives. Whether you are into Fitness, Faith, Your Home, Games or Sports, iAmplify makes everything in your world bigger: Amplify your life!

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We give 20% commissions on all sales that you make. The best part of the deal is that we offer unique, valuable downloads that are expensive to make and sell them at high prices. Each sale can earn you $40 or more. In addition we have 2 tiers of commission for you, where you can earn 5% of the sales from anyone that you recruit into the affiliate program. Learn more about 2 tier commissions.

The InSite Player is our media player that allows you to feature teasers of our video and audio downloads on your website. The InSite Player then encourages your visitors to buy downloads after once they have checked out the teasers. To get started, you can click on the "Sell" button and follow the instructions, or you can simply Click Here.

2 Tier Commissions can really boost your income. Here's how they work: Lets say you have your InSite Player on your site. A blogger comes along, sees the player and thinks: 'I'd like to sell that download from my blog!' . The blogger will click on the "Sell" button and put the InSite Player on his site, and start earning 20% commissions from sales. For introducing us to the blogger, you will also earn 5% of her sales! You will earn 5% of sales from anyone who has joined the program through your site in this way.

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