How to Tell When Your Partner is Lying

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Some of the more unpleasant issues in relationships derive from lack of honesty. In this session, Gay discusses two related themes: 1: how to tell when a partner is lying, and 2: telling difficult truths. Using body language and other clues, he advises how to read when your partner's words and actions don't match, and how to resolve a situation where you suspect a lie. In the second half, he deals with the roots of why people lie in general, and advises how to be honest with your partner, even when you expect they will not want to hear what you need to express. The advice and insight are invaluable. Enjoy this download as an individual product or save by joing the Relationship Circle Subscription today!

"Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are masters of the art of intimacy." John Gray (

"The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks show us how to connect with this inner intelligence and discover the secrets to healing, love, intuition and insight." Deepak Chopra, M.D

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