Secrets of a Passionate Marriage - David Schnarch, Ph.D

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If you think you need to change your marriage, think again. It may well be that your marriage is trying to change you. In Secrets of a Passionate Marriage, Dr. David Schnarch shares a revolutionary approach thousands have used to take their relationships to new and lasting heights of sexual ecstasy and intimacy. "Emotionally committed relationships," he teaches, "are people-growing machines," and sexual difficulty and other challenges are actually signs of a healthy, maturing relationship. Moving beyond traditional therapies that work "a little," Dr. Schnarch brings straight talk and humor to his three decades of expertise and offers insights into:

- Emotional gridlock - why this critical phase is necessary for the healthy evolution of all relationships
- How to "self-soothe" your anxieties and open to the full range of human eroticism
- The psychology of sex - how to make an ally out of what you're really thinking during sex, and much more.

With many proven exercises to "electrify" your sex life, heighten passion, and renew commitment, Secrets of a Passionate Marriage is sure to help your relationship reach its full potential,both in and out of bed.

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