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In 1967, Thomas Merton traveled to Thailand, seeking to further the Buddhist-Christian dialogue that was his passion. It was to be his last journey. This beloved Trappist monk and explorer of the inner life died unexpectedly that trip, but not before writing a final letter to his brothers at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky. In it Merton wrote that he now realized that everything he had been searching for could be found at his own hermitage, within the Christian tradition. It is in this spirit, with respect for all faiths, that James Finley offers Christian Meditation, an audio retreat on the fundamental practices at the heart of Christianity's own unique meditation tradition.

Beyond the Closed Horizon of the Ego

Since the time of the Desert Fathers in the third century, Finley begins, Christian mystics have practiced meditation as a way of opening to the direct presence of God in daily life. Legendary seekers such as Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Meister Eckhart explored how meditation can lead us "beyond the closed horizon of the ego," to an interior and holy refuge that is always available to us. On Christian Meditation, James Finley offers a gentle introduction to this all--transforming way of life, and the "ever-deepening realization of oneness with Christ" it leads us to.

Enter the Cloud of Unknowing

Beginning with an overview of the Christian contemplative tradition and its historical roots, and complete with step-by-step instructions in how to progress in your own practice, Finley offers a personal retreat experience for you to practice along with, at your own pace. In 12 complete sessions -- over 7 hours of basic instruction with the beginner in mind -- James Finley guides you along this path of awakening, in order to glimpse the "infinite union that holds the secret of who we really are." This state of awakened consciousness, referred to by an anonymous Christian mystic as "the cloud of unknowing, " is held in common by the world's great wisdom traditions, both Eastern and Western.

Divine Intimacy

Meditation has the power to reveal to us the "surprising nearness" of God, Finley teaches. As you expand your meditation practice, in concert with your faith, you will find that these divine moments come more often, until you are finally awak--ened to your own deepest self, one with Christ, with James Finley's Christian Meditation.

- Christian meditation: its history, traditions, and root practices
- The arenas of daily life, and how meditation can enrich them
- The three principles for a contemplative life, and how to practice them
- A way of seeing that sets us free from our egos
- Over seven hours of teachings, practices, and meditations in the Christian tradition

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Program Title Duration
Christian Meditation - Session 01 37:37
Christian Meditation - Session 02 37:33
Christian Meditation - Session 03 43:05
Christian Meditation - Session 04 36:33
Christian Meditation - Session 05 38:14
Christian Meditation - Session 06 39:57
Christian Meditation - Session 07 44:21
Christian Meditation - Session 08 33:00
Christian Meditation - Session 09 38:42
Christian Meditation - Session 10 39:42
Christian Meditation - Session 11 39:49
Christian Meditation - Session 12 37:59
Total Time 7:46:32