Activating The Law of Attraction with Jack Canfield

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The Ultimate Program for Creating Your Perfect Life
  • Understanding And Maximizing The Power In The Law Of Attraction
  • Thinking Big & Raising Your Believability Factor To New Levels
  • How To Clarify Your Vision In 7 Important Areas

Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is at work in your life everyday. Once you become aware of its possibilities, you can direct and amplify the effects to get the results you want.

In this captivating seminar, speaking legend Jack Canfield defines critical steps and thought processes that can take your life to a whole new level. You'll learn the three major components for attracting excellent health, abundance, and great relationships. Plus, you'll hear powerful stories that will expand your vision and touch your heart.

You'll walk away from this program with a clear sense that virtually anything is possible when you are in alignment with what you want, and ready to receive it. Discover the ultimate seminar for getting everything you have always dreamed of, and activate the Law of Attraction in your life today!

With his role as one of the experts in the hit movie "The Secret," Jack continues to be a major player in the self-help arena. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including Oprah and Larry King Live. In addition, he holds the Guinness Book World Record for having seven books simultaneously on the New York Times Bestseller List - beating out Stephen King. With his down-to-earth and humble style, you will quickly connect with Jack, as he guides you to your next level.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Jack Canfield Activating Law of Attraction Seminar - Part 1 57:03
Jack Canfield Activating Law of Attraction Seminar - Part 2 1:02:53
Total Time 1:59:56