Teens, Sex & Health - Dr Sylvester Braithwaite

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"Teens, Sex & Health" is a Parent's Choice Silver honor Award Winner 2008. Have you talked to your teen about sex? Do you feel the need to have this important conversation but are unsure of how or when? Teens, Sex & Health is the first and only comprehensive sex education video for teens on the market. A team of seven professionals come together to share their expertise and provide an extensive, detailed overview of everything your teen needs to know about sex and their sexual health. Topics covered include female reproductive health, male reproductive health, sex 101, birth control options, explanation of STDs and their prevention, HIV/AIDS and prevention, the effect of drugs and alcohol on sexual health and much more!

The information is presented in a casual straight-forward manner that isn't preachy, too clinical or condescending to your teen. Accurate, up-to-date facts are provided, and many myths and rumors your teen may have encountered are discussed and dispelled. A report issued by the Center for Disease Control in March 2008 indicated that one our of four U.S. teens have at least one STD. Other reports have revealed that teenage girls in the U.S. are five times as likely to become pregnant as teens in France, and the incidence of HIV/AIDS among American teens is five times higher than it is among teens in Germany. Clearly, the current abstinence-only approach to sex education in the U.S. is not working, and the urgent need for a comprehensive teen sex education program like Teens, Sex & Health is evident. Don't rely on the school system to take care of sex education for your teen for you. Help protect your teen from unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and HIV/AIDs get this valuable one-of-kind program today! Play the video to your teens, and the program will do the rest.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs8


Program Title Duration
Teens, Sex & Health - Birth Control 54:35
Teens, Sex & Health - Drugs & Alcohol 30:05
Teens, Sex & Health - Female Reproductive Health 24:49
Teens, Sex & Health - HIV/AIDS Education 31:57
Teens, Sex & Health - Male Reproductive Health 23:28
Teens, Sex & Health - Parent Section 31:23
Teens, Sex & Health - Sex 101 40:46
Teens, Sex & Health - Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Infections 29:12
Total Time 4:26:15