Divorce: Guiding You Through the Process - Paul Maione

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Are you contemplating divorce? Do you feel overwhelmed with the difficult choices and situations ahead? Worried about how this may affect your children? EduCouch brings you all the professionals you wish you could meet and consult in the comfort of your own home. By the end of this program, you will be ready to go through this process and come out with a feeling of satisfaction and independence. Divorce is a difficult time in one's life but dealing with this process can be positive and ultimately rewarding when you know what to expect and develop your own plan. This video features 5 experts who share their knowledge and advice about everything from the legal procedures to family coping strategies. Be prepared for what's to come, develop co-parenting strategies, re-evaluate and build your financial portfolio and regain a sense self and your goals for the future.

Product Information:

Media TypeVideo
Number of Programs3


Program Title Duration
Divorce: Guiding You Through the Process - Co-parenting Strategies 59:41
Divorce: Guiding You Through the Process - Financial Implications 16:24
Divorce: Guiding You Through the Process - Legal Procedure 46:23
Total Time 2:02:28