Value Every Moment (Complete Set)

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This 3-hour audio program, "Value Every Moment" by Ralph Marston is designed to reinforce the same positive values Ralph writes about each day in The Daily Motivator. The program includes thought-provoking discussions of fundamental positive values that are essential to successful, fulfilled living.

By integrating certain time-tested, fundamental values into your life on a moment-by-moment basis, you can add real and lasting value to those moments, and achieve anything you decide to achieve. In this program Ralph Marston, writer and publisher of "The Daily Motivator," provides stimulating and inspiring discussions of the following life values:

Discipline - an indispensable part of achievement
Gratitude - the way to attract abundance into your life
Creativity - a powerful resource available to anyone willing to use it
Effectiveness - getting the results you want from your efforts
Getting Along With Others - a foundation for lasting success
Discovering Your Ambition - looking into your own life for the things that will motivate and inspire you
Bouncing Back - quickly getting back in the game after you stumble
Dealing With Fear - using your fear to move forward rather than letting it stop you
Overcoming Obstacles - the very definition of achievement
Focus - aligning all your efforts in the same direction
Peacefulness - living each moment with genuine and supreme confidence

"Value Every Moment" includes 12 segments of approximately 15 minutes each, filled with the same kind of thoughtful, positive and practical insights found online each day in The Daily Motivator. It's a great way to keep yourself positively motivated while driving, exercising, or just relaxing. "Value Every Moment" is a powerful motivational tool that will help to reinforce specific positive values in your own life.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs12


Program Title Duration
Value Every Moment (01): Introduction 09:20
Value Every Moment (02): Discipline 18:00
Value Every Moment (03): Gratitude 16:44
Value Every Moment (04): Creativity 13:19
Value Every Moment (05): Effectiveness 13:36
Value Every Moment (06): Getting Along With Others 15:49
Value Every Moment (07): Discovering Your Ambition 13:37
Value Every Moment (08): Bouncing Back 14:03
Value Every Moment (09): Dealing With Fear 13:52
Value Every Moment (10): Overcoming Obstacles 13:39
Value Every Moment (11): Focus 15:51
Value Every Moment (12): Peacefulness 14:10
Total Time 2:52:00