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- Create greater intimacy with your partner or other people you are close to.
- Learn how we subconsciously block our ability to be truly intimate with others.
- Set the foundation for the relationships with yourself and others that you've always wanted.

Inspirational author and lecturer Marianne Williamson has been teaching the principles of A Course in Miracles to audiences all over America for over twenty years. She can set you on a path to greater intimacy whether you're in a relationship or not, because intimacy with others begins with a healthy relationship with yourself.

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"Marianne has made a huge difference in so many of our lives..." Marcella Morris

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate your level of customer service. I enjoy Marianne's programs so much and have found them to be hugely transformational in my life; thank you for the work you do to keep that going." Anita B.

"I learned tonight that I must continue to walk, to intend, to know, to persevere to the very end. Also, that all I am given is to be offered back to God... to be shared with all, to assist in the healing of all Holy Beings. This clear direction, shared by Marianne tonight is helping me to publish my work to as wide an audience as possible, important because it is not my work, but the Work of the Angels that inspire me, and the Hand that moves mine." Steve Robison

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Intimacy 46:50
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