Train Your Brain for Weight Loss

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Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Unconsciously
  • Enhanced Motivation to Exercise
  • Increased Motivation to Eat Healthier Foods
  • Lose Weight Unconsciously

The source of all motivation lies in the depths of your mind. Attempting to eat healthier and exercise more through sheer willpower is a recipe for self sabotage. By accessing your subconscious mind and conditioning it for weight loss, you'll experience motivation that is life long and automatic.

 Train Your Brain for Weight Loss is comprised of 2 Audio downloads. Download 1 is designed to help empower your mind for weight loss success. Download 2 is designed to embed motivating thoughts about eating healthier and exercising into your subconscious mind. Listening to these 2 relaxing programs will help instill a new found sense of motivation to lose weight without the need for dieting.

 Damien Young is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, and highly sought after personal trainer with a lifetime of experience in his respective fields. He is the CEO of Stay Young Fitness, Inc, and the Founder of the Train Your Brain Series. His technique of combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, and Fitness has been proven to be highly effective. This Mind-Body-Fitness approach has inspired thousands of people to achieve successful weight loss around the globe.


What People Are Saying:

"This really works! I was very skeptical about the whole self hypnosis thing until a friend of mine used it to quit smoking. He smoked 2 packs a day, and quit cold turkey after listening to a CD. I figured it must work if it did it for him. So I bought ..." Jason U.

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs2


Program Title Duration
Weight Loss Empowerment 38:33
Weight Loss Motivation 56:14
Total Time 1:34:47