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Is there anything we can do to slow the inexorable march of time on our bodies and our health?  According to Gary Null, Ph.D., there is plenty we can do.

In "Reverse Aging Now!," Gary presents the latest scientific data and the proven steps that individuals can take to extend one of the most precious things they own -- their lives. In this 4-part CD series, you will hear the latest exciting breakthroughs in anti-aging research, including current studies on telomeres--the tips of our DNA strands that act as biological clocks-- and how they soon may be used to greatly extend human lifespan. Based on Gary's clear explanations, you will understand the major physical mechanisms of aging, including the following: free radicals and oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, glycation, methylation deficit, mitochondrial energy depletion, hormonal and fatty acid imbalances, circulatory defects, denatured diets, environmental pollution, lack of exercise, immune dysfunction, and excessive calorie consumption. Further, you will discover what you can do, including changing your diet, nutrition, exercise, and hygiene, to effectively slow down, and even reverse, these mechanisms of aging.

You'll also hear about individuals that have had unprecedented success in defeating major diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's, by moving from the traditional model of treating disease and its symptoms, to a new paradigm that focuses on supporting wellness and health. The scientific information contained in this audio series is 20 years ahead of mainstream medicine, and so your doctor may not even be aware of it. But, if you want to live longer right now, if you want to stay healthy, and if you want a more vital and productive life, you will not want to miss the advanced anti-aging information contained in this important series from Gary

Product Information:

Media TypeAudio
Number of Programs4


Program Title Duration
Reverse Aging Now - Part 1 57:22
Reverse Aging Now - Part 2 57:57
Reverse Aging Now - Part 3 57:20
Reverse Aging Now - Part 4 57:34
Total Time 3:50:13