Healing the Body Naturally

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Diseases are multifactorial and one must use preventive measures to develop and maintain a strong immune system. America’s leading health educators, nutrition educators and therapists discuss how to build up the immune system using foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs. By knowing the therapeutic role these nutrients provide, we can prevent many disabling illnesses.

Learn about the immune system, its biological function and its importance in good health. Learn how to tap into your body’s own defensive mechanisms, how herbs act as modulators fine-tuning and enhancing the immune response, and how allergens and chemicals in our environment affect your body.

If you have candida, arthritis or are concerned about mood swings, sleeping disturbances, a lack of energy and vitality, as well as a sensitivity to foods and chemicals, you’ll find the information in this video essential.

• Virginia Hoft talks about getting rid of anxiety, guilt, fear, and anger.
• Dr. Siebert talks about alternative natural treatments for candida and
cervical dyplasia.
• Rob McCaleb talks about herbal remedies for rebalancing the immune system.
• Dr. William Crook talks about the yeast connection.
Hosted by Gary Null, a highly respected scholar, author, lecturer, environmentalist, scientist, investigative reporter, journalist and advocate of natural and alternative health practices.

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Program Title Duration
Healing the Body Naturally - Part 1 43:30
Healing the Body Naturally - Part 2 47:10
Total Time 1:30:40