Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally

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The increased stresses and pressures of modern life have led to epidemic levels of depression and anxiety in society.  Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals often rush to diagnose and label their patients with a whole host of recently devised mental disorders, such as "Depressive Reaction," "Elation", and "Attention Deficit Disorder."  Yet sometimes the symptoms that lead to such diagnoses can result from perfectly normal behaviors, such as reacting to a death in the family or the loss of a job. 

Even worse, many mental health professionals are driven by incentives from the pharmaceutical industry to prescribe powerful psychotropic, mind-altering drugs, such as Prozac and Ritalin, to over 40 million adults and children in America today.  Yet these drugs dramatically affect, and may even permanently damage the delicate chemistry of the brain and the human body in ways that were never contemplated by the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, the mental health field, or the general public. 

In this 4-part series, health expert Gary Null, Ph.D., examines the truths and misconceptions about mental health in America, the over prescription of drugs as an alleged cure, and the natural and healthy alternatives for overcoming depression and anxiety.  He also asks you to consider that up to half of all pharmaceutical drugs have to be recalled or re-labeled within ten years of their introduction because of unanticipated side effects.  And that more people die each year from drugs prescribed by their doctors than all Americans that died in the Vietnam War.  Yet healthy and safe alternatives to drug treatments do exist.  If you are at all interested in mental health in America, you will not want to miss the valuable information contained in this important audio series by Gary Null.

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Program Title Duration
Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally - Part 1 59:09
Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally - Part 2 56:44
Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally - Part 3 55:56
Healing Depression and Anxiety Naturally - Part 4 57:11
Total Time 3:49:00